It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day, but it’s important to stop ask: what’s the end goal? Knowing where you are trying to go is step one in getting there and so we’ve asked some folks we admire to tell us their end goal and where they want to be by the end of their careers.

Londyn Pourciau | Teen Fashion Model

My end goal is to eventually open my own modeling agency. Read more>>

Sevgi Mülayim | illustrator

It’s not my final goal in my career, but I would like to work on a cartoon series in my own style. A cartoon that was left entirely to my own imagination, without any intervention by the producers. My ultimate goal is to be a very good illustrator, but there is no end to this. In the field of art, we cannot make a sentence like “it just happened” because it is necessary to constantly add something, as if infinite. Read more>>

Erick Fragoso | Mixologist

My final goal will be to own a successful bar. Gastronomy and mixology that only one could have at my location. Exclusive only to those that are willing to experience an amazing adventure of flavors. Taking it to a whole different level. Read more>>