We asked experts from a broad range of industries to open up to us about things they know about their industry but that we probably don’t and we’ve shared some of those responses below.

Ernanda White | Founder, CEO, Executive Director

Drones are more than toys for boys! Read more>>

James Bunton | Tutoring/Education

One thing about my industry that outsiders are probably unaware of, is that I’m not only interested in growing the students that I work with educationally, but spiritually, as well. Speaking affirmations over my life, the lives of my clients (from the babies to the adults), and my industry is why the outcomes of my industry is a success. As my parents used to tell me all of my life, “Son, in everything that you do, do it with a pure heart and good intentions and watch how God will return His blessings back to you.” Read more>>

Alicia Franklin | Owner of Glamorous Brand & Shear Glamour Salon

I believe most outsiders feel that the beauty industry is over saturated. I hear outsiders say “everyone sells hair or everyone does hair.” While they may know a lot of people who do hair/sell hair, there is always room for more people. This industry allows you to be creative and create your on destiny. There is never a cap on how much creativity you can bring to this industry. Read more>>