We love rebels and people who challenge the status quo, conventional wisdom and mainstream narratives and so we asked some really bright folks to tell us about one piece of conventional advice they disagree with.

Brian Ray | Owner of Essential Carpet Cleaning

What’s one piece of conventional advice that you disagree with? Going to college in order to have a successful career.  Entrepreneurship can be both financially and personally rewarding. College is a way to obtain a job, but entrepreneurship is a way to create your own. The skills you learn are hands-on and are rarely in a book. Read more>>

Marika Wagle | Artist

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” If it’s working that’s great, but I am constantly trying to push myself to what I refer to as “the edge”. I want to consistently challenge myself to go to that edge of what is comfortable, because that’s where I will discover something new. Where I will grow as an artist. I have learned that the purpose of my creative work is to take you on a journey with me, to push your boundaries as much as I do mine. And that means taking risks. If a certain painting style or piece is a commercial success, I avoid trying to recreate it for the sake of “people will like it” or “something like this sold in the past, so I should do it again”. Often I will get asked to do a commission based on a piece I have done in the past, even if my work and creative process had evolved since then. I have made the mistake of trying to recreate that success, even though I am in a different place creatively. Read more>>

Tom West | Artist/Small Business Owner

That being an artist means you will never make good money. Read more>>

Nytecia Murphy | Christian, Entrepreneur

“What’s for me is for me and nothing can stop that.” I think this would be ideal, but i completely disagree. I personally believe what’s for us is AVAILABLE to us, and nothing can stop that. But I do think if we are not available for it, prepared for it, or if we don’t recognize it’s for us, we can absolutely miss out on what was for us. I think it happens to the best of us, but believing it’ll just come to us regardless is an easy way out of doing the work it takes to be ready for it. Faith without works is dead!. Read more>>

Cathy Yi | MPT, OCS, CKTP

When I first began this endeavor of opening my own physical therapy practice, all the business advice of being an entrepreneur seemed to be about learning/growth with every spare moment. It was expected to be up late, to exhaust every minute with marketing, reading a business book, working on growth, learning about ‘best business practices’, etc. Now, in no way am I saying it’s supposed to be easy, or that there aren’t supposed to be late nights, that you won’t need every second of a day to squeeze in what needs to get done to start the ball rolling… I am saying the conventional advice of “if you have time to watch TV, be on Instagram/TikTok, or read a book, then you are wasting that time that should be given towards your business growth.” Initially, I stuck to this mantra. Read more>>

Bryanna “BossladyBStylez” Mitchell | Serial Entrepreneur & Creative Connoisseur

That you have to work hard and grind, and lose sleep and give it your all to be successful: Although this is one approach, success comes to those who work smart and strategically. If it’s in your destiny to be successful, that’s what it will be. Work intentionally now so you can let your business do the heavy lifting but don’t lose yourself behind your business. That’s the key. Read more>>