We love rebels and people who challenge the status quo, conventional wisdom and mainstream narratives and so we asked some really bright folks to tell us about one piece of conventional advice they disagree with.

Stacey Owens | Sports Massage Therapist

I’ve never been a fan of the phrase “ There’s nothing to fear but fear itself” That just makes no sense to me. There is a friggin plethora of things to fear in this world, but it’s your reaction to the fearful thing that matters. Say you’re scared of sharks, do you avoid the ocean completely? Do you watch shark week to learn what you can about the safest time and place to swim? Or do you say ‘nah, I got this’ and get in a shark cage? The fear of sharks is still there, but you determine what to do with that fear. Read more>>

Felecia T. Dunson, PsyD | Psychologist & Diversity Coach/ Consultant

For a long time people, especially white people, believed that if they didn’t openly acknowledge diversity (race, sexuality, gender) then it meant they were accepting it and being kind and absolved from the accusations discrimination (racism, sexism, prejudice, hate, etc). They were told “do not see color.” I never agreed with this principle because I was on the receiving end of the invisibility cloak. I found that anything about me that didn’t feel comfortable, aligned, or similar to the majority crowd was ignored, discounted, or even denounced. I once had a friend tell me that I wasn’t really black. When I looked at her incredulously she explained because I was “smart, nice and good.” She did not realized how racist her statement was and I, as a high school student, did not know how to explain the pain inflicted by her statement. My response was simply, “I am black.” Read more>>

Ashley Wade | Pharmacist & Holistic Speaker/Author

One conventional piece of advise that I don’t totally agree with is that ‘the early bird gets the worm.’ Although I agree with the premise about being early to seize an opportunity, I look at it from the context of getting the worm or getting things accomplished. I’ve found that I am most productive in the late evening hours, especially when want to I read and get deep into my thoughts. There’s something special about the peace and tranquility of the night where I am most receptive to my higher consciousness and get the most accomplished with reading and writing. Shout out to all my fellow night owls. Read more>>

Dominique Gonzales | Product Creator & Financial Coach

I 100% disagree with “rise and grind” culture. My business is about self-care and following the advice of sacrificing rest caused me to sacrifice self-care. That sacrifice ruined my mental and physical health. I believe that steady progress is the way to build success. Having a schedule that allows you to take care of yourself is way more important than grinding non-stop and burning out. Read more>>

Tisha Hammond | The Small Business Cheerleader & International Best-Selling Author on Entrepreneurship

The sky is the limit,’ in itself, is self-limiting. Yes, aim for the sky, by all means, and beyond. In my professional circle, we prefer to say “shatter the limits;” Dr. Lisa Wicker mentions it often and that resonates with me. Read more>>