We asked folks to tell us about the most important decisions they’ve made along their journey and have shared some of the highlights below.

Brittany Garcia | Mom, Wife, Nail Artist

That my husbands sacrifice and hard work for me to be able to fulfill my dreams wouldn’t go in vain. My family will never go hungry as long as I have my business. Read more>>

Paris Pettit | LaChe Jewels

The most important decision I’ve made that will contribute to my success is deciding to put myself first! Many days I get consumed with so many other task and duties to other things or people that I don’t pour into myself. I decided that my success is dependent on me so I have to make sure I do something for myself every single day! Do something that will create progress towards my business every single day and you can’t fail. Read more>>

Lindsay Stone | Master Bridal Artist at Beauté Syndicate – Wedding Makeup Hair + Airbrush

The single most important decision that I made that contributed to my success was investing in education. I have always believed that it takes more than talent to make a creative endeavor work out. Talent is a GREAT jumping off point. But without direction, you run the risk of your talent wandering aimlessly without a destination. I have learned that in order to be successful you have to have a deep understanding of the subject matter you are promoting, and an understanding of how that influences, affects, and informs your client. For me, giving my talent a purpose and vision started out with a desire to master my craft. I needed to know the fundamentals of art, composition, color theory, and design. Every bit of what I earned when I first started out went into building on that foundation. I took makeup courses, and ultimately earned a certification in elite level makeup artistry. I even bought second hand textbooks off of ebay from some of the top makeup schools in the country because I’m a stay at home mom and I was not going to be able to go to school in New York, Dallas. Read more>>