We’ve always believed that forming a strategy is impossible until your clear on what your values and principles are. Without values and principles to guide you, making decisions can seem impossibly difficult. Given how important setting values and principles is to decision making we asked folks we admire to tell us about the values or principles that matter most to them.

1DR Gson | Artist

I value time more than anything, it took me a while to realize but I had to learn that’s the most valuable thing we have as a human on this earth. You’ll never reach your goals if you can’t make yourself unavailable to others, you have to be selfish with your time. And there’s a lot of principles I stand on but one of the biggest ones is standing up for what you believe in regardless of what it is and who’s with you or not. There’s a lot of people who will try to take your happiness away and talk down on you but as long as you know where you stand and where you will stand once it’s all said and done, then there’s no need for you to respond to outsiders. Read more>>

Maxx Calzz | Recording Artist & Digital Creator

I believe the principle that matters the most to me is accountability. A person has to be accountable for their actions and the situations one place themselves and others in. I believe any person or individual that has any type of responsibility can relate to having to be accountable for their actions in one form or another. Read more>>