In our view, values and principles are the foundation upon which our lives, careers and relationships are built. So, we asked folks we admire to open up to us about the values and principles that matter most to them.

DuoDiva | Full time Hairstylist/Beauty & Lifetime Influencers

Having integrity, integrity is an important value to have it represents who you are when you’re with someone and when you’re not with someone. Leaving that stamp of trust is an important representation of your authentic self. Read more>>

Monica Mancuso | Aerial Sling and Fitness Instructor

I find empowerment to be incredibly important in my career. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the look of pride and excitement on a students face once they have achieved a skill. Cultivating a warm and supportive environment is so crucial to the success of both an instructor and a student. Athletics tend to be surprisingly intimate. Creating a space for people to be themselves and experience a challenge in a positive way is always my goal. We live under so much stress and worry it’s lovely to have a safe space to play. As adults I feel it’s a necessity to have a creative outlet. I’m grateful every day that mine is my work. Read more>>

Shilpa | Khanorkar | Digital Creator at ShilpaStyleVoyage

Be true, be yourself. Do not change for others. Impress yourself, dress for yourself, look good for yourself. The confidence itself speaks from your eyes. Your authenticity is your best jewelry. Your smile is your best treasure. Your family is your best friend. Read more>>

Stacie Forest | Potter and Photographer

Freedom is a value that can easily be taken for granted. For me, and for many entrepreneurs, freedom is my driving force. Although many don’t want to admit it because it seems so basic, money brings freedom; freedom to choose; freedom to come and go; freedom to do what you want; even the freedom to fail. And though, “Money isn’t everything”, not having it is awful. I stumbled into being an artist/entrepreneur on accident. I simply wanted to make extra money for our growing family and I discovered I could paint simple murals for homes and businesses. I then found myself in the sports photography business as I took photos of my own kids and others began to pay me to take photos of their kids, too. My artistic drive has led me to now throwing pottery and making whimsical ceramic sculpture. At first, those extra dollars each month gave me the freedom to buy things for the house and get special treats for the kids. But eventually, I was able to use that income to pay bills, travel, give to charity, and, of course, buy supplies and upgrade my equipment to go to the next level in my art. Read more>>