“If you stand for nothing, you fall for everything”

We asked the community to tell us about the values and principles that guide their lives and businesses.

Miranda Rangel | Cinematographer/Owner at Rosemary Films Co

The biggest lesson I learned in my first video production job straight out of college was I’m very driven by authentic connection. While I initially loved being at a fast paced start up company, learning new technical skills every day, and navigating a new city, I quickly started feeling drained. And not just in a “tired at the end of the day” drained. I had a wake up call one day, looked around and realized I spent 40+ hours a week with coworkers and clients I barely knew, the genre of work I was in didn’t fuel me, and the people I loved most lived thousands of miles away. Read more>>

Monica Vasquez | Personal Stylist & Podcast Host

I want people to remember my charismatic personality. My enthusiasm for life. My passion behind anything and everything that I do. I want people to remember my happy spirit. I’ve always made a conscientious effort to make people feel better, to make people feel important, and to make people feel seen. I guess that’s why I always have a smile on my face or a joke up my sleeve. It’s been a mission of mine since I can remember, just making sure I share my happiness with people. Throwing it around like confetti I’d say.! Read more>>

Tiffoni Moss | Massage Therapist & Wellness Advocate

I want my legacy to be centered around getting back to nature. I want people who remember FON to know that we are powerful and we have to wake up and use our minds to create a better world. We have all of the tools we need inside of us and we must go back to nature to access this part of us. When FON says “let’s go to our nature” it means, let’s go back to our truest selves. We are living in a world that tells us what to do and who to be. I want no more of that and I hope through massage and candles I can help facilitate more introspection. As I work to help others, I am also working on myself. It is a daily practice but this is how I want to live and it is a mindset that I will pass on to my children which is how people will remember me. Read more>>

Monica G. Moszkowicz-Simms | Crochet Amigurumist & Marketing Specialist

I hope that I am remembered for my humor, creativity, and passion for the things important to me. I’d also like to be remembered as someone who is outspoken and stands up for others, an ally and advocate for those in the LGBTQA+ community, an animal-lover, and a dependable friend. I hope that the things I’ve created for others – whether it be a crocheted character, a knit dog sweater, or a custom crocheted miniature version of a beloved pet – will be passed down and can continue to bring joy to others. Read more>>

Trish Bernard | Marketing Strategist & Graphic Designer

I believe kindness is the most important value/principle. If at your core you are a kind person then you will by default value Integrity, compassion, and honesty. In my business, I am all about underpromising and over-delivering… I never want to disappoint my clients but I also want to add more value than they expect. I think this also helps in relation to if I make mistakes (as humans do) then they extend grace. Read more>>

Cory Steward | Interview Career Coach

I want my legacy to be that I helped people reach their full potential and achieve their personal dreams. I want them to remember how I provided them encouragement and believed in them when they didn’t believe in themselves. How I helped make them be a better person just from me being in their life. Read more>>

Kimberly O’Bryant | Tattoo Artist, Licensed Esthetician, and Model

I want to thank you for providing me with such a great question that I really never sat down and thought about too much until recently. I genuinely believe the past couple years of my life have been nothing short of a humbling learning experience that has provided me with a great amount of wisdom and a new sense of appreciation that I would love to share with others around me. After an immense amount of heartache from losing my business, house, many personal belongings. savings, car, and a handful of friendships all back in June of 2021, I felt completely detattached from reality most days. Read more>>