“If you stand for nothing, you fall for everything”

We asked the community to tell us about the values and principles that guide their lives and businesses.

Andrea G. Miles | Attorney at Law

My legacy is significant to me. I talk a lot with my Estate Planning clients about their legacy. I always ask my clients, “what do you want to leave behind after you’re gone?”. When crafting estate plans for my clients, I am dealing mostly with the materialistic side of legacy. Of course, most of us have the goal of creating generation wealth, myself included. But I want my legacy to be more than providing financial security for my family. I want to leave an impact on my family and my community. My goal is to use my legal practice to help others and build up my community. I want to be remembered as someone active in my community and who practiced law passionately and compassionately for my clients. I want to build generational wealth and provide education for my own family, and I want to position other families to be successful as well. Read more>>

Cameron Smith | Designer & Music Artist

I want my charitable works and giving nature to be my legacy. I believe my love for giving back and wanting to help others is what truly makes me, me, and that is what I would like to be remembered for. Acting out of the kindness of my heart and expecting nothing in return is what I believe everyone should value and I show this through my everyday actions. Also, I would like for my clothing brand to be remembered for more than just looking good. There are core values I instilled in my brand when I first began planning and those were love, strength, confidence, positivity, and relatability. Those values are what help me create and design and are apart of my legacy as well. Read more>>

Liz Kilmer | Owner

I’ve often said that the only thing that will matter once we are gone, is the story we leave behind. Stories are what makes us who we are. Our experiences, good and bad, are the intricate ingredients that form our personalities. I hope that when I’m long gone, people will remember me as a dreamer and a doer. I still believe, even at 41yrs old, that I can make a difference. I try to take my interesting life and use its many twists and turns to learn. I hope to always be able to help people through their struggles by sharing my stories and successes. We all have common ground and common goals. As a society, we have just lost focus on the things that matter. I hope people remember that I never lost faith and I really wanted a better world. Those are the things that I wish to leave in peoples hearts. Read more>>

Corilynn Bailey | CEO & Founder

I want my legacy to be one that encourages others to be Fearless in their fight for their dreams and hopes whether that is career, education, family or hobbies. Fearless in their belief that they can make a difference in the lives of other’s and that their story means something. Fearless in sharing their story with other’s without feeling ashamed or stigmatized. Fearless in their pursuit to believe that our trauma and adversities doesn’t mean we are broken, it means we are strong. What I want to be remembered for is knowing that every single day that I have been blessed to walk this earth after almost losing my life February 16th, 2016 to a suicide attempt is a gift that I don’t take lightly. Read more>>