“If you stand for nothing, you fall for everything”

We asked the community to tell us about the values and principles that guide their lives and businesses.

Diana Behringer | Designer & Founder

At Skaska the principal of ethics guides our organization at all levels and is in fact one of our golden rules we practice everyday. We are committed to using sustainable materials and each piece is locally made in Dallas, TX. We responsibly source our precious and semi-precious stones from vendors who follow the Kimberly process (the fight against conflict diamonds) and focus on domestic vendors whenever possible to ensure US labor and environmental laws are met. Integrity, honesty and trust are the pillars of Skaska’s daily culture and the way we run our business. Read more>>

Jeff Edwards | International Business Founder

I think those can be split into two areas for me. The first and most important value is integrity followed very closely by what I value most, and that is relationship. In the world of international trade and such a niche industry as ours, the most significant asset I have is my name. Being an American who purposes to do what is right in business, even when it may hurt financially, speaks louder than any words I can ever shout. Secondly, valuing relationship has been key in our global expansion. The friends made around the world by choosing relationship first, has made me rich beyond any bank account. Friends work hard and will do “anything” for a friend. Read more>>

Braiden Wade | Freelance Photographer & Photojournalist

Being genuine to others is a necessity because a lot of people in life don’t come from the same background as you. Most people are just looking for a person or friend who is there for them and listens. I value being there for others and showing that I care because some people may have grown up around people who didn’t. Read more>>

Jennifer Massoud | Certified Makeup Artist & Beauty Therapist

Great question! Integrity is the value that matters most to me. Integrity means you are whole in your words, principles, and actions – to be complete from start to finish in all of these domains. Integrity doesn’t mean you are perfect rather it acknowledges your humanity and allows for the truth to matter even when you are humbled by your own breakdown in conduct. As Captain Picard says on Star Trek TNG, “There can be no justice so long as laws are absolute. Even life itself is an exercise in exceptions.” Social media changed the game for most career paths but especially in the beauty industry. The current narrative claims consequence can be avoided or matters not. Look at all the “flawless” images in media, “influencers” and advertising designed to sucker punch you into purchasing based off the advert. Read more>>

Freddy Davis III | Musical Artist, Mentor & CEO

What comes to mind is discipline, execution, connection, and love. All these attributes are a driving force for cultivation and stewardship. It’s not enough to simply say something, but to fulfill what it is; that’s set before you. Read more>>

Tara Cetinkaya | Entrepreneur

Honesty/Authenticity. There are many reasons why this principle is so important to me. First, from a moral and religious standpoint, honesty is considered one of the highest moral values for me. It has always been very important for me to be honest, and I hate to tell a lie, no matter how small. This principle is also very important in the business world. When you are honest and authentic with your customers, they will recognize that and it will gain you loyal followers who support you and your brand. They will be your best advertisements and testament to your company. Consumers are tired of being lied to and scammed. They want to trust a company and trust the products they buy from them — and they also want to be able to trust that if something goes wrong, you will have their back; and one of the best ways to build this trust is through honesty. Read more>>

Kynzie Story | Licensed Drone Pilot

I value integrity above all else. That’s the number one principle I look for as a consumer, so it made sense to build my business on that foundation. How can I not? I’m a one-woman show. I send the emails, I market on social media, I show up for the job and I handle editing and delivery. There’s no one else for me to hide behind, which makes me proud to say that what you see is what you get. In a world of scams and poor quality work, where anyone can advertise their skill or hobby on social media, I aim to present myself and my business as an authentic, effortless breath of fresh air. The process of providing a service should be a straightforward, positive experience. I believe efficiency, quality and professionalism lie within the value of integrity, and I’m pleased to put my name on that core principle. Read more>>