We regularly ask our interviewees what makes them happy because at the end of the day, what else really matters? We’ve highlighted some of the responses below.

Katelyn Poland | Psychic Medium

What makes me happy is being able to connect others to their passed loved ones again and validate they are still with them! Teaching my clients how to see the signs, communicate, and open their eyes to how Spirit and our ancestors are around us. As a Psychic Medium, I feel very humbled to be able to channel and express what I am seeing/hearing/feeling from the client’s passed loved ones in sessions. The emotions are real and raw and are truly life changing. The meaning behind my business name, Soulful Expressions, is to relate to me channeling and expressing their passed loved ones Souls. Read more>>

LaFonda Cousin | Yoga Instructor & Talent Professional

So many things! Travel. Yoga. Wine on the patio. My bestie group chat. Massages. Car karaoke. Naps. Quiet time to reflect and sit with myself. Brunch dates with friends. Inside jokes that still come with the same inconsolable laughter years later. Watching my daughter grow and navigate her independence. Seeing my friends and family find things that bring them joy. Rain. Candle sales. Matching workout sets. Organization. Cleaning. Gadgets. Read more>>

Minh Williams | Co Owner, and Head Designer

Drifting makes us happy! There are few sports in the world where a bromance of boys can be fully in sync. A roller coaster of vibes sends us on journeys as a group from one adventure to the other. Similar to football where every player executes the play perfectly, synchronized diving that almost looks like a deja vu, or even bombing a hill with your skateboarding buds. This automotive tandem dance transcends us to another dimension of being in tune with each other and pushing our machines to the absolute limit. The ultimate roller coaster thrill ride! Read more>>