We asked some of the happiest folks we know to tell us their secret.

Mollie Coday | Country Singer & Songwriter

Being out in nature, quality time with my friends and family, good coffee, my dog, country music, a well-written song- all of these things emphasize togetherness which makes me happy. Read more>>

Lindsey Kooyman | Artist

Besides creating artwork, there are several contributing factors: my family, friends, their happiness and surrounding myself with authentic people who have my best interest. My baselines happiness comes from the life I am building for myself and remaining true to who I am and what it is that I want. Because life is too short for anything less. Sometimes it’s the simple things as well…like strong coffee and a good thunderstorm. Read more>>

Jonathon Kimbrell | Artist, designer, printmaker and record Collector

Music, music, music! No matter how crappy the world is, I know I can put a great record on the turntable and make everything better for a few minutes. Read more>>

Linda Lucas Hardy | Multi-Award winning Master Colored Pencil Artist, Painter & Instructor

Creating art always makes me happy. Whether I’m painting in oils, working in colored pencil or looking longingly and lovingly, at the Watercolors and Pastels I have not yet played with, I am fulfilled as a human being. Creating art is all I’ve ever really wanted to do. Regardless of which medium I work in, they’re all about discovery, unlocking mysteries and endless possibilities. Doing and creating art keeps me goal oriented, focused and gives me something positive to do with my time which is an excellent diversion to what’s happening in our world today. Read more>>

Hunter Garret | Content Destroyer

Creating, touring, traveling, skating, video games, dogs, seeing friends succeed. Happiness for me always has been directly related to doing what I love. Read more>>