Happiness is everything. Where there is happiness, everything else is possible and so we asked the community to tell us what makes them happy.

Kimmie Simpson | Owner/Decorator/Pastry Chef

One aspect that “makes me happy” is that emerald Whisk Studio was created under the idea of bringing joy and whimsy to not only myself but to my clients. The most rewarding part of the long hours, stressful days, standing on my feet for 12+ hours (some nights). Is that at the end of it all I get to present this beautiful, unique, and custom artwork to my client(s). I pride myself on selling “Art You Can Eat” – we all eat with our eyes anyways, so why not make it look like a piece of art! Read more>>

Milo Rodriguez | Singer-Songwriter & Producer

Music. Music Is the thing that makes me the happiest. On the darkest days, and the lowest lows, I know that music has my back. Not only does producing and songwriting make me happy, but listening to music makes me happy as well. Music has been my life and passion since I was 4 years old. It keeps me going everyday. It gives me something to wake up to every morning. It makes me the happiest no matter what. Read more>>

Steven Zielinski | Neuro Spine Surgeon/ General Contractor/Commercial Pilot

What makes me happy and why? I enjoy the “sport” of entrepreneurship. It’s fun for me to think critically, strategize and innovate. I could be surfing the internet, watching TV or doing any number of other things with my free time. But, in my case, entrepreneurship is my fun. It’s Sunday football, Call of Duty, and a bunch of TV shows all rolled into one. Why do I work so hard at it? I guess the same reason people never miss an episode of their favorite show. It really is my entertainment. Read more>>