We love asking the folks that inspire and excite us about what inspires and excites them. Check out their responses below.

Vanessa Bouché | Co-Founder & CEO, Savhera

I am inspired by people! People who overcome extreme adversity, people who choose a life of emotional, spiritual, and relational wealth over financial wealth, people who are ambitious for restorative justice rather than self-centered gain, people who live by example and not empty exhortations, people who take the long-road and the long-view over expediency and immediate gratification. Human beings are so beautiful in all their complexity and diversity and I am inspired by people every. single. day. Read more>>

Julie Porter | Chief Rocker (CEO) of Front Porch Marketing

I’m inspired by the businesses, non-profit leaders, and owners who have kept working since March of last year. Restaurant owners who invested in branding and marketing despite sales being two-thirds of what they were the previous year keep me inspired. I’m in awe of the franchisees that did not renew their franchise agreements and instead launched their own brands. School superintendents who did more student home visits than ever before and kept their students at grade level are my heroes. Manufacturers who opened, funded and staffed classrooms in their facilities so their team’s children could do online learning while their parents worked are amazing. Organizations that jumped into – and not away from – their members, providing revenue-earning and networking opportunities in ways they never have before are true innovators. Read more>>

Levi Chaney | Realtor & Part owner of Kicking It ATX

I’m inspired by my family and success. When I see other people winning and living their dreams it inspires me to win. I want to provide the best for my family and give my kids an head start to success. Read more>>

Serene | Pop/R&B Artist

I’m inspired by the way that music has the ability to make people connect. Even if you have a totally different circumstance or environment than someone else, music can still bring you together. It can make people feel happy or sad, confused or enlightened. Music can be anything that you want or need at any moment. Some of my favorite memories are tied to the songs that were playing at the time. It means so much to me when someone tells me that one of my songs helped them, inspired them, or just made them feel good. That connection means everything. Read more>>

Amanda Deich | Writer of BECOMING BROOKLYN, a Young Adult Novel

In every endeavor I take on, I am inspired by what this next generation of young adults is going to do and how they are going to impact the world. Whether I am writing, teaching, coaching, or chatting with kids and teens, I see their gifts and the strength they carry, and I am obsessed with reminding them of the impact they will have as they continue to grow and discover their strengths. Read more>>