We love asking the folks that inspire and excite us about what inspires and excites them. Check out their responses below.

Melanie Crawford | Non-Profit Owner

My inspiration come from my own life experiences! My son is one of my biggest inspirations because he is the reason I started my non-profit organization. I had my son at 16 years old and I was not ready. I thought all the things I dreamed of had came to a halt. It took time but I bossed up and just let my obstacles become my inspiration. Legacy Youth Outreach is a resource for not only teen mothers but for anyone in urban areas who is in need of a resource. As I grow older I have also gained new inspirations. My friends and family inspire me by keeping me motivated and encouraged to keep going; along with watching them grow their businesses as well. The future generation, including my son is a inspiration because they are the future and I could too learn so many things from them and I pray I am a inspiration to them. Last but not least God is the biggest inspiration because my non-profit is not just a business its a calling; a purpose, that I’m thankful to have found and fulfill at a young age. Read more>>

Tia W. Vaughn | Jewelry Artist & Content Designer

I’m inspired by many things. For one, being outside. I wouldn’t say I’m an outside person but I love long walks because I notice life that I would have normal missed -flowers and colors I normally wouldn’t see, could movements, sunset colors, birds, sounds, and smells. All of those creations I draw emotions from and that translates into artwork and jewelry designs. I’m also inspired by words, other’s emotions, current events and the emotions that come with. I translate it into artwork the same way other artists may translate it into poetry, music, photography and other artforms. Read more>>

Irina Pizzurro | Event Florist & Floral Artist

When it comes to my florals, I am often take inspiration from the nature I see around me. Colors, textures, shapes, of the plants growing in my yard, down the street, or across town… really wherever I happen to be. I feel like often people expect florals to be perfect – either the perfect shade or shape but I find inspiration in the imperfect. Like leaves that are changing with the season, branches that have just the right shape for the project, or grasses and dried weeds. I forage a lot. When I sit down to work on a concept for a client, I draw inspiration from all the photos and concepts they bring me. Sometimes it’s a lot, sometimes it isn’t. I always find though, there are common elements in each photo. This helps form a true vision. People get embarrassed sometimes to share their Pinterest or photo document because they think it’s all over the place or a mess, but to me, it’s like a puzzle to figuring out someone’s true aesthetic. Read more>>

Naya Kim | Event Planners

The PN is a meeting and collaboration of two very different individuals. Naya, Founder and Visionary of The PN, is a mother of two baby girls and a lover of all things trendy and cultural. Susan, Creative Director and Partner of The PN, is a HR and Client Manager by profession and a remarkable artist by nature. They are inspired by different aspects of work and life, and together, form a synergy that helps them come together with a single purpose to create special memories for our clients. Inspiration can come from many different sources. Susan receives the biggest inspiration from the people she meets in her life professionally and personally. Working at a law firm, she works with many clients going through tough moments in their lives who are forced to call on her firm to defend their rights. She is able to see and understand their vulnerability, receiving a great sense of fulfillment to be able to help them and earning a greater appreciation and gratitude for her abilities and situation in life. Read more>>