Hardwork? Luck? Good habits? What would you say is behind your success? We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

Terrance Thomas | Official DJ of Delahn Realty

The most important factor behind my success is believing that I bring actual value to the table. If I believe that I can bring value to the table, others will believe it, too. I then move on to put that value into business plans that I sell to new partners. I believe that We Must Fail to Succeed. That is the name of my very first book, published in 2011. Too many of us have this idea success should be achieved the first time we try something. I go into every situation knowing that I will face adversity and that I must recalibrate and move forward when the storm sets in. Things are not always going to flow the way I planned, and that is a good thing. I say that because nothing comes easy and I learn how to be better along the way. It’s never about the destination; it’s about the journey. I went on to write and publish a total of four books, which are all available around the world. Read more>>

Cedric Hoard | Cedric Dale Hoard, MS, LPC | Licensed Professional Counselor, Speaker, & Spoken Word Artist

A guiding factor that has been the foundation of my journey and success is the desire to pursue purpose rather than chase significance. Purpose acts out of love, while significance seeks love. Purpose is about how you SEE others, whereas significance is about how you want others to SEE you. Read more>>

Laura Morsman | Photographer and Artist

That is a great question!

I never intended to be a photographer but always intended to work with people in a supportive, authentic, creative way. Read more>>

Brylyn Lea | Wedding DJ

I believe the most important factor to my success thus far is my transparency and relational equity I build with my couples. I love getting to know my couples to better understand their expectations and music tastes for their weddings. My goal is to ensure that their day goes smooth and all of their guests have a great time. Read more>>