TV, Movies, and culture in general sometimes paints a narrow, specific image of what success is, but we know from our conversations with some of the best and brightest that success can mean vastly different things to different people.

Ben Walter | Chef + Coffee Roaster

There are as many definitions of success as people, for good reason, everyone has to define it for themselves. For me, I have been struggling to figure out what it means for me. It could mean structuring my endeavors to have more time for my wife and son, or it could mean there’s always enough money to pay my people and make it to the next pop up or catering gig. I think success for me is basically this: when I built something that makes me available to those I love and continuing to get up no matter what knocks me down. Read more>>

Piper Bridwell | Artist

The world defines success by fame, money or status. To me success is something totally different. I see it as the amount of joy that one gains in life. Typically the more joy one has, the likelihood of them considering themselves as being successful goes up dramatically. Money can’t buy happiness. It can make certain areas of life easier, but it doesn’t equate to joy. Success is waking up with a heart full of gratitude every day. Having a career in the creative field has taught me that success has nothing to do with the amount of paintings I sell, or how many “Likes” I get on social media. It has everything to do with loving what I consider to be my day job. I’m blessed to be able to paint in the most beautiful studio gallery. I turn up my praise music as loud as I please and sing at the top of my lungs while creating artwork with beautiful, bold and colorful oil paints. Success to me, is remembering each time I step foot into my studio, that I am underserving of such a wonderful life. It’s recognizing the gratitude I have, acting upon it and having a heart that is thankful for each step of the journey. Read more>>

Ali Kinsey Keith | Owner of Kinsey Designs

I constantly discuss the idea of success with my husband because it’s important that I’m reminded that success isn’t some fantastic ending or goal, nor does its significance rely solely on monetary value. When I’m feeling stagnant or defeated, I remember that my business’s success lies in the ability to continue growing. If Kinsey Designs has the resources to support the new ideas I want to bring to life, that means I’m currently in a state of success. I think we try to pinpoint when we will be successful. If that were the case, when we finally reached that goal, we would have nothing to strive towards afterward. Read more>>

Anthanet Smiley | Kool Aid Pickle Specialist & Pickle Diva

When a Vision or A Dream Turns out well it Becomes Favorable.Success also influence your Motivation and Drive For your Passion. Read more>>