We asked folks about legacy and what they want people to remember about them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Yazzi Shabazz | Plant Based Baker & Young Entreprenuer

As a 17 year old, there were many thing I wanted to be and accomplish and I knew that whatever I did, it would positively effect others. I had always had a passion for baking. Ever since I was allowed to use the oven I loved baking brownies and cookies. As I grew older and gained more experience, my passion grew for baking cupcakes and cakes for my family. Transitioning to a Plant-Based lifestyle in 2016, I reconstructed my recipes to fit my new diet. Read more>>

Nathan Bradley | Professional Wrestler

When I began professional wrestling my main goal in mind was to have matches that fans enjoyed. I wanted my opponents to enjoy working with me and I wanted them to want to have matches with me. It’s been my biggest goal from the start. Not big wins, not championships, but matches that earn respect and admiration. So I hope that when I’m done, the legacy I’m leaving behind is one of a man with legendary matches that people never get tired of watching. Read more>>

Desirée Chavis | Business Owner & Wanderer

As a woman without kids and still creating my own sense of family and what legacy means to me, I want my legacy to be personal for those I affect. By this, I mean that I want to positively influence people, which is a huge underlying factor of why I started my business and what types of products and content I offer. Whether it’s from afar through my business and work or within my personal relationships, I want my legacy to be a reminder that I did my best and made my own small change in the universe by conquering my own fears and issues. I want my legacy to remind you of your best, inspire you, comfort you, challenge you and give you a reason to get through the same ups and downs that my business has gotten me through and that life will continue to present. Read more>>

Justin Tipton | Singer-songwriter

I want my legacy to be that I made quality, timeless, honest music that related and helped people. I want people to remember that I did what I did during my career for the right reasons. I’ve never written or performed music for the sake of popularity/money/fame. The mission has always been to create/perform music that spoke to me. Read more>>