We asked folks we admire to tell us about what they want their legacy to be. Check out their responses below.

Anquaniece Lamour | Choreographer & Entrepreneur

I want my legacy to be known as a generational dynasty. I am setting the foundation for my bloodline to carry on for generations to come. I want people to remember my name as the definition of a curse breaker. My bloodline and everyone I come in contact with will remember me as God led, resilient with a purpose,fearless, boundary breaker, loving, and ambitious. Read more>>

Ismael Alvarez | Co-Owner & Soldier

The legacy behind the brand name and its story, “I&M Creative Legacy”, stands as its own explanation for what I hope may be long lasting and something for others to remember me by. When I look back on the origins of the business, I can’t help but genuinely feel thankful for the passion and pain that molded the business in it’s truest form. When my father, Jose Alvarez, passed away in December 2018, this rocked our family to it’s core, especially considering how much of a supportive and leadership role he had in our lives. Read more>>

Krisha Crosley | Natural Birth Trainer & Natural Birth Doula

Having contributed greatly to lowering the unnecessary Cesaeran rate in the United States by educating expecting families on their birth options, choices and rights so they can have healthy conversations with their health care provider. Giving these expecting families the knowledge so they can make the best educated decisions for their body, their birth and their baby. Training these expecting families in the Train for Birth skill set to prepare their body and mind for the natural birthing process to give them the confidence to labor their baby across their finish line how they desire. Read more>>