We asked folks we admire to tell us about what they want their legacy to be. Check out their responses below.

Tayl’e Hubbard | Strength & Conditioning Coach

I want people to remember I never gave up — on dreams, on life, on myself, on anything. I want to be remembered for my determination, drive, and tenacity. Yes, I go through hard times just like everyone else but I always overcome. I always come back better and stronger. I was given another chance at life to excel/succeed and I don’t plan on disappointing. I hope people, especially young women of color, look at my life journey and say ” Wow, she went through so much but still came out on top”. I hope I leave a legacy of motivation for any and everyone who need a person to inspire them to just keep going. Read more>>

Nich Ramsey | Executive Protection Agent.

That I did my best to keep to stay a honorable man. When I was a kid the scripture “ a good name is better than riches” stuck with me. In everything I do I always question will this give me a good name to someone looking in? Or will this tarnish my character. It can take a lifetime to build a reputation, and seconds to ruin it. I would love to be known as the one who did all he could to keep his name clean. Read more>>

Kami Redd | Author, Alchemist, & Yoga Instructor

That I helped someone! Although I’d like to be of services to the masses, I’d be satisfied knowing that I have truly changed someone’s life for the better. That’s all I want to leave behind. Read more>>

Ram Mehta | Restaurant Owner

I don’t want a legacy.I am just a regular guy and believe once you are gone it doesn’t matter.What I want to do while I’m alive is hope that I can help as many people as possible and bring a smile to their face. Read more>>

Gabriella Stella | Singer/Songwriter

When people remember me, the one thing I want people to think is how vulnerable I am. I am always talking about the importance of mental health. People are afraid to be seen weak but I think vulnerability is a strength. If you can stand there and ask for help which is not the easiest thing to do, I give you props. I have had moments where I have reached for hand and I am lucky to have that support. Read more>>

Trinity Hollins | Empowerment Speaker & Corporate Trainer

I want my legacy to be that I had a servant’s heart. I love helping people and giving back to my community. I teach this to my sons all the time when we are volunteering or just praying for someone. I want people to remember that I genuinely loved them, fought for them, prayed for them, listened to them, was there for them, mind, body and soul, because I wanted to see them win in life! If all I could offer was a smile, hug, encouraging word or God’s Word, then I will have served my purpose. I hope it’s something they can remember and say she helped me ignite the spark that helped me believe in myself, believe in God and have Faith to push myself to go further to walk in my purpose!. Read more>>

Demi Fraire | Photographer & Filmmaker

I want my legacy to be that I loved and cared for everyone else just as I did for myself. My goal as I interact with others is to make sure that I am serving them and caring for each and every one of them, just as I was called to do by God. The Bible teaches us to love our neighbor as ourselves (Mark 12:31), but unfortunately, sometimes as Christians we misrepresent God by allowing race, color, gender, gender expression, religion, ethnicity, etc. affect how we treat others, instead of expressing the love that God has for ALL of humanity. If after I’m gone, what is remembered about me is that I shared God’s love with others and held truly genuine relationships with people, then my life here on Earth was fruitful. Read more>>

Kelly Flowers | CEO/ Founder

I want Women Leading Technology to be as big as the Girl Scouts with a legacy like Mary Kay. I want to be remembered as being authentic. All though I didn’t always do things right, I never gave up or let anything stop me. I may stumble but God never let’s me fall. Read more>>

Beverly Kleiber | Digital Artist, Cyber Artist

Shoutout LA ARTICLE [final Draft ] I’ve been here in the computerized, dematerialized, digital creative space since it began. I was one of a handful of artist-pioneers, and one of the very few women, on the bleeding edge of a new artform, cyber art, the computer-generated art of the time. Those of prescient reflection recognized our innovation. Others smirked. The world has now come full circle, and this genre, 40 years in the making, is the new rage, supported by the blockchain, a potentially egalitarian “decentralized” paradigm. I’ve learned that the choices we make on our early path determine what we will finally become. Read more>>

Johna Vaughn | Barber & Cosmetologist

Personally, the legacy I want to leave behind is the way people feel after being in my presence. I want to be an uplifting energy that is refreshing for any state of mind. In life, we have all been capable of getting caught up in our own issues and personal lives but what’s important is to remember we are never alone. I am not only building my own success, but also connecting resources and working together to build a stronger community of success!. Read more>>