We asked folks we admire to tell us about what they want their legacy to be. Check out their responses below.

April Biondolillo | Founder of Cherish Ministry

I want every girl out there to feel special, valued, and loved. When I meet girls, I hope they leave feeling better because of our connection. I want them to see kindness and love in me, like a reflection of Jesus. I want people to see the real me in my story and to feel heard and understood when they share theirs. I want to acknowledge their struggles and inspire them to reach for the amazing things God has planned for them. Read more>>

Marcine M. Moore | 2x Best Selling Author/Poet

“My legacy? Authenticity. I bared my soul on paper, revealing both light and shadow. If my vulnerability resonated with even a single reader, if it made them feel less alone, then I’ve achieved something lasting.” Read more>>

Faith Sycaoyao | Young Pioneering Filipino Artist in USA & Europe, Business and Economics Sophomore, featured by University of Texas at Austin’s Apricity Magazine

I aspire for my legacy to be a straightforward yet impactful force, creating a global change that holds deep significance for generations to come. Time is transient, and thus, I hope to be remembered as one who not only demonstrated but also inspired others to recognize the potential and beauty of art as a catalyst for societal transformation, driving innovative outcomes in our era. Read more>>