One of our favorite things to do is to ask the folks we are inspired by what they are inspired by. We’ve shared some of their responses below.

Avital Lassow | Creative Professional

People. There are a lot of people who find socializing, or large crowds and long stretches of human company to be stressful, or even exhausting and draining. But for me, being around people fills my cup. I find energy in new conversations, relationships, and meaningful connections. I love that each person I meet often has a new perspective, differing advice, and attitudes on life that I hadn’t considered. Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean I agree with everyone and everything I’ve ever heard, but I believe that I’ve been able to navigate uncomfortable, challenging, and maybe even awkward situations where differences of opinions came to a boiling point, simply by listening to the stories told by those I’ve chosen to surround myself with. Read more>>

Bianca Rochell | Owner of Yoga By Bianca/Yoga Therapist

I’m inspired by anything and anyone that brings light to my path. You can find inspiration everywhere you are if you remain focused on your destination. Read more>>

B Anderson | CEO and Creator

I’m overwhelmingly inspired by music. Music is an enormous part of my life. Life isn’t always the easiest but music makes life so much better. More specifically, jazz music has shaped my life in ways that can not be quantified. Thank you to the musicians for the inspiration. Read more>>

Chef Demetria Olive |  Personal Chef & Hero for Non-Cooks

I find inspiration from multiple resources. I have an encouraging group of family and friends who inspire me to be and do better as a Chef, entrepreneur, mom and as a person. I’m constantly reading stories of other women who’ve created successful businesses as single moms or started their businesses later in life. Stories like those, keep me centered and inspire me to keep moving forward when I have doubts or feel discouraged by roadblocks. I’m a visual person, so when I see colors, a beautiful plate of food or a new recipe, I’m inspired to create something amazing to eat and I always want to share it with others. Read more>>

Deirde Ball | Cosmetic Guru

I am inspired by purpose, I’m a strong believer in knowing where I’m from in order to know where I’m going that’s where MY purpose in life comes into play , it inspires me knowing I am fulfilling my purpose by inspiring women to feel comfortable in their own skin. Knowing I have two boys that will later in life take over my business ventures inspires me , reading/researching is fundamental any gems that are given to me are for me to share not for me to keep and I believe giving my children the knowledge I have knowing they will later implement everything they were taught into their adult lives inspires me to keep going. Read more>>

Cala The Unicorn | Podcaster & Radiant Being

It’s funny how when things fall apart we never take the time to look at the pieces. No, not the remaining pieces but the pieces that hit the ground. We never try to find the beauty in destruction or chaos. We’re always looking for bright, shiny, flawless, WHOLE things. But what about the tattered and jagged ones? I’m inspired by those things. Read more>>

Ava Michele Robinson | Jewelry Designer

I’m inspired by so many things! Color is my number one inspiration. I’m inspired by art, nature, clothing, other artists, etc. Read more>>

Khakan Iqbal | Content Creator for PlusSize Men

I am inspired by life and how blessed I am to see another day. I see inspiration in everything when it comes to fashion. An open mind will do wonders when you are trying to come up with ideas. Read more>>