One of our favorite things to do is to ask the folks we are inspired by what they are inspired by. We’ve shared some of their responses below.

Joshua Okpara | Serial Entrepreneur

I am inspired by the many in my state of Lagos Nigeria who didn’t get the chance and opportunity i got to be here in the United states. I am inspired by my upbringing; growing up in a family where we had to share meals and wear the same worn out clothes and shoes to school. I am inspired by my mom who died 2 weeks before i turned 8, leaving a legacy so her life doesn’t be in vain. I am inspired by the thousands who die FULL daily. Full of ideas, visions, dreams and goals they never achieved because they didn’t try. I am inspired by the thousands like Chadwick Boseman Myles munroe, etc who left a legacy on this earth and a standard for people like me to follow! I am inspired by God who in His creative nature placed creativity in me and gave me the mandate to be fruitful and multiply. I am inspired by the black boys and men killed daily whose dreams were never achieved because their Iives were cut short. I am inspired. Read more>>

Jamie Singer | Modern Vintage Jewelry Designer & Art Enthusiast

I enjoy travelling the world and being inspired by the culture and people that I encounter. Each piece of mine is one-of-a-kind. I’ve found many pieces at small, local, “off the beaten path” antique shops. When I find a unique piece, I try to learn about its’ history and that inspires the overall aesthetics of the final piece. Read more>>

Dr. Samone Brown | Speaker, Domestic Violence Advocate, Publisher & Movie Producer

I am inspired by the principle of Sankofa. This principle is often taught through a visual representation. The Sankofa symbol represents a mythical bird that has its feet firmly planted forward, but its head turned backward. Literally, the word means “One must look to one’s past in order to chart one’s future”. As an African American, the Sankofa consistently reminds me of my obligations to the generations before me. This proverb often comes to mind when I reflect on my own cultural learning experiences from my childhood. It is important that I understand what my ancestors and supporters did to make it possible for me to have the opportunity to be a business owner. Now it is my responsibility to serve as a model for the generation that follows me. I am inspired to know that when individuals respect the past and unite, we can produce business opportunities that can positively impact our community and the world. Read more>>

Hollis Roberts | Career Consultant

I am incredibly inspired by clients, who are brave enough to take creative control of their career. Pursuing a fulfilling career requires vulnerability, perseverance and grit. They continually inspire me to show up and do this great work. Read more>>