We asked rising stars from the community one of our favorite questions: other than deciding to work for yourself, what was the single most important decision you made that contributed to your success?

Benjamin Augustine | Radio personality & Executive Director of the Music About Everything Foundation

When I took on the daunting task to run my own business, I made the decision to operate said business with the same values that I conduct my personal life with. Integrity. Honesty. Love. And Understanding. Treating everyone with respect doesn’t seem like much until you experience the absence of it. When you treat people like customers you retain customers, however, when you build relationships, you create bonds that transcend transactions and forge long lasting friendships. I have learned the value of networking which has allowed me to connect with great people and build lasting business relationships. Showing love and going the extra mile when I could easily do the bare minimum has proven to be an integral part of my success. Read more>>

Nick Fellows | True Artist /Creator

The single most important decision that I made that definitely 100% continues to contribute to my success would be marriage. The old saying that two heads are better then one is true especially when the two people are equally yoked mentally, physically, and spiritually. Mentally me and my wife of now 9 years are able to support and hold one another accountable to our individual and collective goals and visions. Physically , well thats the fun stuff if you know what I mean! From which also has come the success of my two beautiful kids Cross and GG who are my biggest accomplishment yet, family and legacy. Spiritually me and my wife Ferrell are there for one another when things get rough and we constantly agree in faith for the will and goodness of God in every area of our lives. This has been the recipe for success for my journey as an entrepreneur. Read more>>

Shaiza Alvi | Pediatric Nurse

Saying yes to the hard decisions. Saying yes when all you want to do is stay within your comfort zone. Saying yes when you are afraid of the outcome, but can potentially grow from it. If I didn’t say yes to a lot of things, I would not have my dream job right now, changed majors and started all over at a new university where I knew no one, nor would I be moving to Nebraska soon with my husband for his dream job. So say yes, even if you are scared, the outcome may lead you to far in life. Read more>>