Many books on startups and business talk about how there are right and wrong reasons for starting a business. So, we asked a handful of successful founders about their reasons and the thought-process behind starting their business.

Nicholas & Mary Finstad | Owner and Operator

When we had our 1st child (Charlotte), we wanted to make every first so special! It all started with her 1/2 birthday party and photo shoot. As her mother, I soon discovered Pinterest and was hooked! Nick got on board, and we truly found a love for party planning. Every year, Charlotte’s birthday parties became more “over the top” so to say. We loved incorporating new fun ideas, which eventually led to us renting a bounce house for one of her parties. We really loved the modern white inflatables, as they are perfect for any theme. The bounce house company we hired offered basic white bounce houses, but we wanted more! We came up with the perfect scheme of balloon colors to fit the theme, we added coordinating vinyl lettering and designs. It was the first request this specific the company received and actually began offering these services regularly. Read more>>

Jake Leavitt | Professional Installer for interior designers, artists, and galleries

Well, the decision to start my own business was not one I took lightly. It all began with a moment of inspiration during a conversation with a friend who shared a similar passion for entrepreneurship. What made this conversation particularly impactful was the fact that my friend happened to be an artist as well. As we discussed a professional installation service; we immediately recognized a gap in the market. We saw an opportunity to provide a service that not only offered top-notch technical expertise but also prioritized customer satisfaction and delivered museum-quality results. The idea resonated with me deeply, and I found myself increasingly drawn to the prospect of creating something truly exceptional. Read more>>

Monique Brewer | The founder of Parent2Parent Cafe

My thoughts were: single parents need community, that we shouldn’t be doing this journey alone and how can I best serve that vision. Single parents need more than just resources and opportunities they need educational resources AND funding to help bridge the gaps. She shouldn’t have to basically be homeless in order to receive financial assistance. Read more>>

Madejah Smith | Entrepreneur & Owner Of A Dolls Trap LLC

I knew from a very young age that I wanted to start something of my very own.I realized I had alot’ve interest in the beauty field.I’ve always loved the idea of eyelashes.How you can choose different styles,lengths & thickness and have a different look almost instantly.I say myself down one day and was like “I can build a brand from this!” And A Dolls Trap Was Born ! Read more>>

Maeghan Walker Gannon | Owner – Nomadic Minerals LLC

In May of 2022, I began traveling the US full-time. It was a pretty spontaneous decision. My fiancé and I were living in Arkansas. At the time, I was working a corporate job in Human Resources. One day, I woke up and said, “What if we sold everything, bought a travel trailer, and just explored and existed for a while?” Within three weeks, we made that happen and began our journey in a small 21ft travel trailer. Read more>>

Davarus Bell | Realtor | Clothing Store Owner

Starting Dalore was a deeply personal journey for me, one born out of passion, purpose, and a burning desire to make a positive impact. It wasn’t merely about creating a company; it was about manifesting a vision, breathing life into a dream, and forging a legacy of innovation and excellence. Read more>>

Camrin, Kierstyn Scales, Olivas | Co- owners and/ or partners

We are both mothers who live normal lives working and taking care of our babies. Some of the most exciting moments for us are celebrating them, as we know many mothers do. We’re great at planning ideas and being creative, so why not take advantage of that? Every one has a birthday, event, or party at some point, so we knew this was something we could excel at while continually generating business if we put everything into it. While brainstorming we had so many ideas on what we could potentially offer so we decided it was important to not close off our business name to one area of expertise, landing us on House Party Co. LUXE RENTALS, LLC. Read more>>

Yashanae Rougeau | Customized apparel

The business actually started with my husband wanting to create his own clothing line: Golden Walk, and me hand painting letters and signs. We decided to combine both businesses into one umbrella: Red Unlimited. Our last name translates to Red Water, and we have unlimited talents and crafts we create. Read more>>

Lauren Minor | Owner, The Hilltop Hideaway

My husband and I have 6 kids, and we were eager to have a place away from the suburbs where our kids could grow up playing and running around and exploring without the restrictions of fences and yards. That’s really where our dream for the Hilltop Hideaway started. Having a property like this also gives me the opportunity to work and be creative while also staying home and raising our young kids. I love interior design, and I’ve gotten to design all of the properties we’ve renovated, which has been a fun creative outlet for me while being a mom. This property has been our family’s biggest project yet, and we searched for the perfect place to build this vacation rental for 2 years before finding this beautiful acreage in Glen Rose! It grew from there and is now a 16-acre vacation rental with multiple cabins, a pickleball court, hot tub, disc golf field, 3-story treehouse, and more! Read more>>

Tiffany Haley | Principal Consultant & Publicist

The thought process behind starting Leverage Consulting Agency sparked from my professional experience while in the workforce. I worked with a high performing consulting team hired to orchestrate the move-activation from the existing hospital to their brand-new healthcare facility. It was a privilege being apart of this massive project because I witnessed firsthand the immense impact consulting has on an entire organization. I quickly realized that consulting was the secret weapon for many high performing and successful companies we all utilize daily. It’s a best practice for companies to hire consulting teams throughout the lifespan of the company. It became obvious that small businesses could tremendously benefit from professional consulting services. Statistics proved that small businesses were failing at an alarming rate within the first five years of opening, generally due to finances. However, the lack of financial sufficiency was simply the byproduct of not having the proper business guidance and support. Small businesses desperately need consulting from the start to exit of their operation, in order to reduce risks and position their business for success. Business has always played a major role in my life since childhood, so I directly understood the challenges associated with running a business. I spent time reflecting on how I could ultimately impact any business industry with my existing skillset. Immediately, I knew starting a management consulting agency would be my next business move. A consulting agency would allow me to share my areas of expertise within a comprehensive business practice. It was perfect! I developed a plan of action to leave my full-time employment and practice consulting full-time. The rest is a history of blessings! Read more>>

Alexis King | Marketing Consultant and Brand Owner

When I first thought of starting a business, I wanted to develop a concept that took on social media marketing in a different way among my competitors. From the clients I wanted to take on, my own brand aesthetic to the strategies I used to create innovative content for their audiences, everything was a process. It was incredibly important for me to not only build my clients’ brands, but build my own brand in an industry that is extremely saturated. ARC represents innovation and executing a vision for my clients’ to have their stories amplified on social media and beyond! Read more>>

Shakila B. | Creative Designer

The journey towards establishing The Sparkle Company began when I found joy in embellishing my creations with glitter and rhinestones, igniting a newfound passion for bling artistry. Creating brings me a deep sense of peace and tranquility, enabling me to overcome challenges and hardships. I firmly believe that my purpose in life is to radiate brightness and inspire others through my creative pursuits. Read more>>