Risk is the most common topic that comes up in our conversations with entrepreneurs and so each week we ask entrepreneurs to talk to us on the record about how they think about risk.

Melissa Griffing | MA, LPC, RPT, Owner of WellNest Counseling

Taking risks has always been a struggle for me and I am a rule follower by nature. I’ve always been afraid to get “in trouble,” so stepping out of my comfort zone has never been my first instinct. After I finished my master’s, I was watching the other members of my cohort seek and obtain their dream jobs and they just seemed to succeed effortlessly. While I was doing okay, I knew I wanted more. So, I took a hard look at myself and realized I couldn’t be scared anymore. I had to take risks. I had to silence the voice that told me I couldn’t succeed. It’s like what Alberto tells Luca in the movie Luca, “Silencio Bruno!” Read more>>

Lawrence Hines | Branding and Marketing Consultant, Mental Health Advocate and Auther

In my life when hesitation was steep in fear to take a risk to better my life either to stop hanging out with a group of people that I thought I needed to be around to go to the next level in my life and/or career, or leaving a place of employment because I thought it was a dream job. When I took a risk to challenge the failure of what if my life has turned out better than I could ever imagine. Read more>>

Hailee Moore | Chef (kitchen socialite)

I think life’s most important decisions take some level of risk, especially if you are going to grow as an individual, couple, business owner, human. In hindsight, risk has played a significant role in my life/career. I have a semi-fearless ability to step outside of the box and take chances. I work in the food industry where I have always said, “if this doesn’t go right, then I have a skill that I can take anywhere.” Read more>>

Jonathan Johnson | Band director and Female Impersonator

Being an educator there are some things that I was like you can’t do you want a professional Spectrum, but also being a member of the LGBTQ plus community you also have to be an activist as well. There was a time where I did have a couple of kids a part of that same community getting bullied as they were trying to discover and find themselves so I reached out to them as an open door and expressed to them that it’s OK to be themselves and not have to hide who they were. Obviously overtime allowed the other teachers side has me opening up to them rather than me being a helpful situation so at that time I got a lot of negative feedback as to what I said and interfere in any kids personal lives or I should influence them to Being an educator there are some things that I was like you can’t do you want a professional Spectrum, but also being a member of the LGBTQ plus community you also have to be an activist as well. Read more>>

Nick Khan | Pilot Turned Entrepreneurs and Real Estate Investor

Biggest risk is not taking one. This may be clechic but also true to its core. “Men of Action are favored by the Goddess of Good Luck” and all actions comes with some risks. If you want to be in a Business learn to take risk and take them often. You may make mistakes first, but you’ll get better over time. It’s a muscle you need to exercise! Once you’ve mastered that, the only other things that will keep you from being successful is DESIRE and CONSISTANT and PERSISTANT Actions. Read more>>

Rachel Brasch | Interior Designer & Small Business Owner

I am naturally a pretty risk-averse person. It’s not that I don’t try new things, but whether it’s conscious or not, I’ve always calculated my chances of success prior to “going for it” and been pretty sure that I would not fail. That or I had a rock solid safety net. This decision was different. Starting my own interior design business has been one of the biggest risks of my life. I left my full-time job. I didn’t save up a year’s salary to cover the expenses or have a guaranteed pipeline of clients. I would need to be vulnerable and share myself with a world of people who may or may not love what I create. It was scary, but there was an undeniable calling on my life and I felt I had no choice but to take the risk. The scariest part is I don’t think I’m done having to step out like that; I think running my own business will require me to keep choosing risk. But so far it’s been a thrill and worth every “I’m so anxious I could puke” second. Read more>>

Estevan Morales | Videographer/Photographer

Risks played a huge role in my career and in life because when i first started becoming interested in videography/photography i was working a demanding 9 to 5. I started to become burnt out and thought i had a ceiling and i was curious like what would happen if i put some more time & energy into this. At the time, i really needed my job because i had no other income coming in so putting video ahead was a scary idea. How would my girl feel me leaving my job for something i grew a love for? Will i still be able to provide for my family? I prayed for some kind of sign that i need to move into that direction or do i need to just suck it up and stay at my job. i got those signs in full view and i took a leap of faith and quit. despite the risk i proceeded put my full time & energy into it and its taking me places & put me around people i never would of met regularly. if i would have never took the leap i would have never found my peace. Read more>>

Santosh Kumar Ketham | Architect, Educator, Researcher and Philanthropist

Risk is a stepping-stone to overcome fears, failures and adventure, its way to success. It reminds me of the famous Bollywood film Sholay dialogue “jo dar gaya wo margaya” (those who fear are already dead). I consider risk as a challenge which I applied in my whole life from a very young age and still continuing and it will till the end. I remember I started teaching in universities in 2015, the same year I started my studio Ketham’s Atelier Architects and also Thinking Hand NGO, people around thought crazy, taking up two things that simultaneously wouldn’t yield expected results. Interesting incident to quote: while I visited the registration office to register my Studio and NGO, the officer sought the physical presence of the founder to sign the NGO and studio papers? I said I’m the founder and CEO for both!! Read more>>

Acy Brown | Entrepreneur and Commercial Print Model

In regards to risk, everything we do in life has a degree of risk. The higher the risk the greater the reward applies to our lives in areas ranging from financial investments in start up companies on the stock exchange with the chance of losing money to trying out for a team sport for the first time with the possibility of getting cut. In regards to the role taking risks has played in my life I will say taking risks at times in both my personal and professional life have only strengthened me mentally and emotionally because of the many doors I have had the opportunity to walk through and gain valuable experiences that I currently apply in my life! Read more>>

Christian Peterson | Licensed Professional Counselor & National Certified Counselor

Risks are an integral part of life. Taking a chance allows us to grow, even when the risks do not go out as planned. For me, going out of state for college to the University of Oklahoma even though I did not know anyone going there was my first tough decision. Taking on this risks, I quickly picked up on problem solving skills and build my independence. This same thought process brought me to Dallas and to take the chance in entering private practice, where I continue to be challenged and grow. Read more>>

La”Darius Loving | R&B Artist

I come from a family of hard workers. They are the type of people to play it safe and do things “by the book”. If you know anything about those kind of people there isn’t always room for creativity or finding your own way. On the other hand, I’ve always had the soul of an artist. Whether it was dance, music, or acting; my passion has always been expressing myself. I was the captain of my dance team for 4 years, I competed in state competitions and won multiple awards for acting and singing. I’m genuinely at my best when I’m able to make people happy with my talents. Following the arts was never a problem, as long as it was only a hobby and i had a “real job” for my future. My biggest regret would be not making music my top career choice and pouring into it like I wanted to. So you ask me what taking a risk mean to me… Read more>>

Rachael Loerwald | Brand and Web Designer

I am not a risk taker — but I do trust my instincts. Starting your own business is risky, there is no way around that. You can save money, have a solid business plan, surround yourself with people who love and support you and it can still fail — which is so scary! It’s also thrilling. I still remember the feeling of completing my first brand and website design as a “freelance” designer. I felt like I was finally doing something I loved, something I was really good at, and something that was a sustainable career option. In order to feel like I’m in charge of my career, I plan, strategize, and manifest my dreams and goals. I’m always looking into the future and learning new skills (and life lessons) that will take me there. Read more>>