One of the most important lessons we learned is that our lives and our businesses will teach us along the way. We don’t need to know everything on day one because the challenges we face on day will likely be ones we are already equipped to handle. As we overcome challenges we get better and better and as the challenges increase in difficulty so too does our ability to tackle them.

We asked members of the community that we admire to share important lessons their business or career has taught them and have shared some of those responses below.

Brittney Miller | Boutique Owner & Financial Investments

The most important lesson that my business career has taught me is to have courage, stay consistent, be unique, and connect with my customers on a different level. I serve as an outlet for the plus size community and my motto is always love the skin you are in. I want women no matter there body type, size, or shape to feel comfortable in what they wear and be stylish while doing so. Read more>>

Kiran Ranmal | Mehndi Artist

One of the most important lessons my career has taught me is: following your passion/talent is worth it. A lot of times we are told/guided towards a certain path, but what if instead we were guided towards what makes us happy? When you are happy you are more likely to succeed, to grow, and to flourish. Of course it’s not always highs when it comes to anything, but you will be more equipped to handle the challenges if you genuinely love what you do. I’m so grateful that my job brings me joy, allows me to creatively express, and is successful. It has pushed me out of my comfort zone, allowed me to meet so many wonderful people, and grown me as a person. Overall, if you have a burning passion for something – please never let anyone dim your light! And special thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to those who have supported me and my business! Read more>>

Sunnie Ward | Web & Brand Designer

The most important lesson my business has taught me is that success is whatever I want it to be, and at my own pace. It’s super common to hear 6-figure this, 7-figure that. That is great for those who are in that range, and I am beyond happy for those people! This very lesson is something I failed to realize early on, but I am now thankful and aware of it. My level of success is simple and relatable to me, and me only. I strive for sustainability in my business, a healthy work/life balance, and the ability to live comfortably on my terms. Read more>>