Risk is the most common topic that comes up in our conversations with entrepreneurs and so each week we ask entrepreneurs to talk to us on the record about how they think about risk.

Ana Marcela Morales | Fitness & Nutrition Entrepreneur

Everything I have accomplished has been through risk-taking. Whenever I’m about to make a “risky” decision, I always trust the power I have to produce. Many people struggle to grow because they are scared of what they can lose. However, it is mostly always financial and when it comes to money, you have to trust yourself to always be able to produce it. Read more>>

Amanda Maggiore | Marketer and Author

Life is all about risks. Risks have shaped my life into what it is today. I feel risks begin at a young age. When you are scared to go monkey bar to monkey bar yet you know you want to finish. You risk your hands slipping or your arms failing just to get to the other side and have the satisfaction of knowing you overcame your fear. Risks allow us to see the braver side of ourselves that we never knew existed. Read more>>

Megan Jackson | Author & Co-Founder of Kid Clothier

Fear often holds people back from taking risks, but the reality is taking risks is integral to achieving success. In my professional opinion, a reluctance to take risks indicates a lack of commitment to achieving one’s goals. Read more>>

Roniel Sylvester | Retired Telecom and Online Business Owner

I think in order to be successful in life and business you have to be uncomfortable and willing to take calculated risk. When you do what everyone else is doing you get the common results but when you take the path un traveled it creates the opportunity to achieve amazing results.. Read more>>

Bailey Bauman | Duel Licensed Hairstylist and Barber

I think about risk taking as a way of overcoming wether that be about overcoming a fear, challenge or even your own negative head space which can happen a lot in this industry. Risk taking is why I am here doing what I am today, by not listening to society’s or anyone else’s standards of what I have to be or do in life to become successful or feel fulfilled. Read more>>