Ideas aren’t everything, execution matters greatly, but starting often requires an idea and so we asked folks to think back and tell us the story of how they came up with the idea for their businesses. We’ve highlighted some of our favorite stories below.

Girls in STEM at Liberty High School | Officers: Gauri Pala (President & Founder), Sophie Lin (Co-Vice President & Founder), Kelly Yin (Co-Vice President), Tracy Nguyen (Public Relations), Devika Nambisan (Secretary)

Sophie and I (Gauri) were both passionate about careers in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) fields, but we noticed many other girls in our grade didn’t have the exposure to career pathways in this field. We wanted to create a club at our school that combatted this issue and empower women to join the STEM pathway. With this interest of closing the gender gap, we reached out to the local DFW non-profit, Girls in STEM, and decided to found the Liberty High School chapter of the wonderful organization that aligns with our motives. Read more>>

Maria Loredo | Cake Decorator and Designer

It didn’t really start as a business. We wanted to celebrate our daughter and I have always liked baking, cooking or really anything DIY that gets my creative juices going! So I watched some tutorials, and gave it a shot. From there some friends and family trusted me to make cakes for their celebrations. It was a creative outlet and learning new techniques, recipes and seeing my work be part of a special day made me so excited. With practice and trial and error I became more confident in myself and in my work and with some reassurance from my fiancé I started posting my work online. Its been quite a journey so far, and I am excited for what’s to come. Read more>>

Eye Moon | Detox Therapist, Aromatherapist, Music/Visual Artist, Sobriety & Mental Health Advocate, Digital Nomad

I had my ancestors in mind when Ancestral Terrestrial was formed. It started with the ideas of having natural products, detox products, and merchandise. Through diving more into my own personal healing post sobriety and recognizing the work that must be done on a spiritual and ancestral level in my own life, Ancestral Terrestrial has turned into something much deeper. Detox of the body is very important but as I have evolved so has my core values and my thought process of what Ancestral Terrestrial stands on. The aim is to bring awareness to how important detoxification of the body (physical and emotional), spirit & mind is and how it all ties into the need for ancestral healing. Read more>>

Moraima Marrero | Cake Designer & Mom

Baking has always been my passion but was placed on the backburner while I focused on my career in law. After retiring to focus on my family, the desire to bake was reignited when I couldn’t find a traditional Puerto Rican birthday cake for my daughter’s birthday and decided to make it myself. The cake was a hit and the sweetest surprise of it all is that people started placing orders with me after tasting it. I am thankful for the support and love from my community that has truly propelled my business to this point. Read more>>

Josie Singleton | Food Experience Expert

A passion for the Fort Worth food scene inspired the creation of my business, Eat This Fort Worth Food Tours. I love leading guests and helping them discover what makes the food scene in Fort Worth so special by visiting local favorites and hidden gems. In my extensive travels I always connect with new places by eating and learning about the local cuisine. Through stories about the the owners and chefs and cuisine of each place we visit guests can get to know the authentic Fort Worth. As a visitor or local there’s no way to know about all the Fort Worth places that make it unique unless you’ve done lots of research or lived here for years. An Eat This Fort Worth Food Tour gives you an insider’s look to the city through it’s food. Tour goers also get the opportunity to connect with other foodies, travelers and locals. Read more>>

Dr. Mona Ghosheh | Psychologist

In 2015, I found myself feeling frustrated by the number of students whom I had referred out but who were struggling to connect with an off-campus provider. There seemed to be a wide range of challenges that prevented access to care: lack of transportation, busy class & extracurricular schedules, discomfort with leaving campus, lack of experience using public transportation, difficulties finding providers with necessary specializations within a reasonable geographic area, etc. And sometimes, even when a student was able to connect with an off-campus provider, they would inevitably need to interrupt treatment because of long holiday breaks when they would travel back home for an extended period of time. That’s when the idea of providing mental healthcare online felt like an obvious solution! It would allow students to access a provider from the comfort of their home, avoid navigating transportation issues, and work with providers with the necessary specialties no matter where that provider’s office was located. Read more>>