While it’s inspiring to read high level summaries of success stories, we think it’s just as important to learn about what drove the success and made it possible. We’ve asked some of the brightest folks we know to open up about what they believe was the most important factor behind their success.

Andrea Marino | Interior Designer

One of the biggest habits has been trusting my intuition above all else. In a world where there is so much distraction and influence, it can be challenging to stay true to your authentic self. I have found that most of my missteps have occurred when I listened to someone else’s voice rather than my own. Knowing when to drown out the noise and lean into this has been paramount. Another habit would be saying “no” to things that no longer serve me or move the needle towards achieving my goals. I am a very intentional person in all aspects of my life – personally and professionally. Read more>>

Kelly O’Briant | Visual Artist

I have developed a few habits over the years that positively support my practice. I am disciplined in my studio practice, having been a full-time studio potter for about a decade. I teach ceramics at the University of Dallas now, which means I can’t work in my studio every day during the semester. I am, however, in a studio every day. I try to keep something going- drawings, glaze tests, new forms, or reading about a topic that could lead to some content in my work, simultaneous to my teaching, which often leads to interesting ideas. Read more>>

Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer | Author, Story Archaeologist

Going to bed early. It sounds too simple and cliche, but that is the key to my productive days. When I go to bed by 10pm, I’m up before 6am, feeling refreshed. I get in my entire morning routine, including devotion and prayer time, morning pages, workout, and breakfast, all of which gets my mind and heart prepared for a full day’s work. It all starts with getting to bed (consistently) at a decent hour. Read more>>

Victoria Bray | Creative Director / Co-Founder and Designer of Own Your Vintage

Habit, interesting word. I tend to think of habits as something you do over and over as part of a routine. I think you are asking for something much bigger, more holistic than that. Let’s call it a way of life. My guess is if this “habit” has helped you succeed, one has done it enough that it has transitioned from a habit to a way of life. Read more>>

Randall Barnes | IT Professional & Entrepreneur

I have daily, weekly and monthly habits that I incorporate in my life as a successful professional. 1. Create a schedule: Be sure to have an order to your life. It is a godly trait to find order even if it looks disorderly to others, things geniuses do will never make sense to everyone. Read more>>

IamGiftofgab | Dallas Food Blogger/Content Creator

I Always staying true to myself in every situation even when I felt like give up. I always stay Dedication and Consistency and Even when I was not as far as I wanted to be I keep praying and Staying humble Because I knew I would prospering if I never gave up and Kept moving my feet By always keeping an positive mindset. Read more>>

Isaiah Steward | Singer, Dancer & Model

First and foremost, my belief and dedication to my Lord and Savior. All glory to God. I am dedicated to getting better and tackle everyday with a set goal to accomplish that day. It may be that I am writing songs, working on vocal technics or maybe learning a new dance move etc but I know if I do this daily while working on all things music and dance, then I can only get better.Read more>>

Sam Kieschnick | Urban Wildlife Biologist with Texas Parks and Wildlife

I’ve been quite fortunate to spend a lot of time outdoors. Granted, we exist in an online culture with emails and meetings, but I dedicate time each and every day to going outside. This is a habit that I carve out daily time to pursue. The wonderful thing about nature is that it’s always full of surprises! Daily I am learning new things as I explore the outdoors. Read more>>