Our city is home to so many incredible businesses and so we asked the founders how they came up with the ideas for their businesses and have shared their responses below.

Tonya Monroe | The Worth Whisperer-Worth Coach for Women

Actually, because I am a survivor of suicide, self-mutilation, and domestic violence God spoke into my spirit and said while you were going through all of your trials you didn’t know your worth in my son Jesus. I was like I thought I knew my worth, but it was the world’s worth and not the worth of Jesus Christ. While praying I asked God how He saw me, and what He revealed to me blew my mind. God spoke into my spirit that I am His little diva. I was like folks on social media will have something to say about me calling myself a diva and He gave me Divine Inspiration Victorious Affirmation of Him. So, I named my business Godsdiva, LLC. It is my greatest passion that every woman know her worth in Jesus Christ. Read more>>

TwilaB Goode | Erotic Poet , Entrepreneur & Radio Personality

My business evolved from my work of erotic poetry. I wanted to expand my brand and decided to create a line of lingerie and other erotic gifts all the while never loosing my desire to write. My purpose is to let women know it is ok to be comfortable in their skin and enjoy what they like sexually. Read more>>

Anthony Russo | Motivational Speaker & Entrepreneur

In 2016, living in Dallas, TX I saw that there was quickly becoming a disconnect in our society between people that yelled for change and for those that acted on it. I lived a mile from the police shooting, and that impacted me at a time based on the situation and the world situation. I realized that there was a huge disconnect with the way our country was looking at how to make a difference. People were shouting via social media and shaming fellow Americans and I just knew there was something more that we needed to be doing. It’s so simple to think we can put our politics aside and just be kind to each other and utilize the time we spend protesting for awareness and start taking action. The ultimate philosophy we hold is action over awareness. Read more>>

Kenyé Pierce | Owner

I’ve always been a huge fan of using highly fragranced products that moisturizes your skin however once I started reading the ingredient list for each lotion and actually researching the ingredients, I quickly learned about the horrible toxic ingredients that I was putting on my body each day. Most of, if not all the ingredients were very toxic. The idea behind my business Skin Flo™ came about when I started researching plant derived ingredients for skincare and body care and the benefits of using carrier oils and essential oils. Read more>>

Esme Wong and Jacob Nydegger (Wongdegger Duo) | Pianist

Our idea is to use our classical piano background to put traditional ethnic music into a modern setting. We create a fusion by performing ethnic music on piano, a modern sounding instrument, so that these cultures can be mainstream and experienced as present day art. In our duo, we create our own culturally diverse arrangements and present them in conjunction with classical Western music. We want people to listen and we are willing to be innovative and flexible to create music that speaks to our audiences. Read more>>

Erin Smith | Boudoir Photographer

I had a friend about 5 years ago ask me to take some boudoir photos of her before she got married. I was already a family and newborn photographer so this just sounded fun. The way she reacted to her photos just made my heart soar. I decided at that time I wanted to change my specialty. Having an abusive past and of course being a woman and all having not nice thoughts about ourselves I wanted women to feel the beauty that boudoir photography gives them. Read more>>

Fatima Jalloh | Donut Creator

Zioso Donuts came to light when my boyfriend and I were talking about how it is difficult to find good gluten-free food options here in Dallas. One day I started experimenting in the kitchen to make the perfect gluten-free donut, and can say with confidence that Zioso Donuts are some of the most delicious in all of Dallas. Read more>>

Kira Fontana | Singer-Songwriter & Founder

I feel I was given a vision for Kingdom Sound, and it involved creating amazing music that has a positive impact on our culture and glorifies God. I had worked in the music industry in Los Angeles for over a decade, and grew disillusioned with much of the industry and the lyrical content in many pop songs. They just seemed to encourage young people to be self-destructive, and I didn’t feel that was healthy for our society. I wanted to see the same major label quality music being made, with new messages that uplift and inspire. Read more>>

Trayon Ivory | Credit Consultant

I was struggling with issues and having bad credit . When I figured out how to build credit or even how to fix it. I decided I wanted to help others . Because not many ppl are educated on credit and how it works. Read more>>

LaTanya Brooks | Author, Educator & Speaker

I always wanted to write a children’s book. The big question was what would I write about that could entertain, inspire and educate young minds. Well, I was pretty stuck at that very question. There were a series of events that led to making my dream a reality. I was teaching my 2nd and 3rd grade students how to craft a letter. The assignment was to write a letter to their favorite author. A list of criteria included introducing themselves, stating the name of the book and their favorite part in it and asking the author a question that could not be answered by looking them up in Google. A few weeks later, the letters, trinkets and signed books were pouring in from authors such as Eric Carle, Rachel Renée Russell, Amanda Knoll and Derek Munson–not generic form letters. Read more>>

Marquila Turner | CEO, Author, Advocate & Survivor

The idea of Quila’s Angels Inc dedicated to my sons Eric Jr & Cameron Turner who I lost at birth to Autosomal Recessive Polycystic Kidney Disease (ARPKD). Keeping their memories alive and helping others is helping me in my healing journey. I know my sons are proud of me. Read more>>

Madeline Benoit | Professional Dancer & Mentor

The idea for Wonder Project has been building in me over the past couple of years. Since moving to NYC at nineteen, I have been traveling back to my hometown in Texas to teach dance classes all around Dallas. I started to notice that after I would finish teaching class, I would almost always end up in deep conversation with the students about my performance career, and I would answer countless questions about how the industry worked. I realized how much I loved and looked forward to those moments I got to spend connecting with students and how much we both gained from it. It then became a staple for me. When I would teach, I would end with a Q&A. Read more>>

Tonie Walls | Owner

I’M FROM LOS ANGELES AND WE HAVE A BIG THING FOR MEXICAN FOOD We used to go out to clubs and things and they were always be a taco or a hotdog stand outside selling food as soon as you walk out the door for reasonable prices and I always want to cook but I just didn’t know and what sort I know I didn’t want to sell plates from my home so I was like who doesn’t love tacos and why not bring the ELHAE experience to Texas so that’s when I decided I’m going to sell tacos but not your average Tacos I want you to be able to see your meat cooked in front of you I want you to be able to order your food and see me flip your tortillas and put your meat on and give you sensation of flavors the LA way. Read more>>