Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Jonathan Gutheinz | Filmmaker

When I first started Blueroof Productions, the idea behind it was that no one was going to show up and invite me to the table. If I wanted to enter the film world and tell the stories that I had running through my head, I had to go out and tell them, myself. We live in an age where entertainment is becoming more and more democratized. People can go out and find the entertainment they want, we are no longer bound to three channels. The world has changed and all we can do is try and go along for the ride. Put ourselves in a position where we can take advantage of the shifting landscape and come out with a piece of the ever enlarging pie. Read more>>

Jennifer Moulaison | Co-Founder

It all began when Jennifer Moulaison’s life was changed by meditation. After leaving the life of luxury retail in pursuit of happiness she decided with a friend to pick up meditation. After several weeks she said “if I can do this, anyone could do this.” She never thought her way of life could slow down and once it did she immediately felt the benefits and wanted to share this with others. And that’s how it all began. Jennifer went out in pursuit to find others who could help make this dream happen. After many months of working on her own she contacted her very first meditation teacher and the rest is history. Read more>>

Diana Guintu | Life Coach, Speaker & Author

After I became a mom, I found myself completely lost. The once fearless and ambitious woman had vanished. I was consumed with being the best mom, the best wife and the best counselor. I had unrealistic expectations of what that meant. In trying to meet everyone else’s needs, I neglected my own. It took me awhile to find my way back home, to myself. However, once I did, I knew I had to figure out a way to make it last. After some trial and error, I slowly created, what I now call, the secret self-care solution. I was able to overcome anxiety, chronic health issues, and burnt out by infusing these strategies into my daily life. After talking to friends, neighbors and other women, I knew I had to share what I was doing. I don’t want women to feel like I did and not have a way out. I am now on a mission to help other busy women prioritize themselves so that they can feel healthier and happier without guilt and shame so that they can thrive in their life. Read more>>

Cathleen Mead | Business Owner & Entrepreneur

My first business, Double Dog Candles, was born out of my love of candles. It began as a hobby and grew into a business that quickly caught on in my community. After about 6 years, my goals changed and financial independence and creative freedom became more important to me. I made the decision to expand my business and start a boutique, selling jewelry only. I soon realized the potential for growth and went all in. Now, CAS offers women’s apparel, jewelry, accessories, and gifts, including my Double Dog Candles. Read more>>

Elizabeth Liga | Owner & Stylist

I have always run away from the idea of running a business because I thought it would be the hardest thing to do! I did not want to fail nor have to deal with disappointing my clients or myself. During the pandemic, I was furloughed and had more time on my hands, and became more resourceful. I am originally a stylist, so I focused more on creating Instagram styling videos. I always received feedback like, ” You can honestly make anything look good.” My main focus as a stylist is to ensure that everything in your wardrobe can always show up for you! One day, in my personal time during the pandemic, I revisited my idea of owning a boutique and merging it with my goals as a stylist. I did not just want to own a store full of clothes, but I also wanted to show that it can be worn in different ways and still allow you to be comfortable. Read more>>

Audra Sullivan | Insurance Agent

I am not sure what I was thinking as many of us do when we start our own business. Was it financial independence or being my own boss? Regardless of the why we realize that we are good at what we do. The one question we all asked is: Do we know how to actually start a business and be successful at it? Knowing the insurance business I realized my wealth of knowledge and experience would get me through any speed bumps I would encounter. I knew how to sell Insurance and I was very good at it. Loving what you do and having clients that see this makes it all worth it. I knew that a large part of the industry was educating the Consumer on Insurance. Knowing that I had a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education from Baylor University only added to my ability to work and assist with clients. Contributing to my decision on becoming a business owner was having an opportunity to participate and be apart of t the Legislative process. Tough times? Absolutely but I would not change it for the world. Read more>>