Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Meredith McNeely | Florist & Nurse

Pointer’s Petals evolved over many years as a true passion developed into a business at the start of March 2020, amidst the Covid Pandemic. The hope behind this business is that individuals would have the opportunity to share love, light and life to friends and family through the gift of floral arrangements as a “Just thinking of you” to a “Happiest Birthday” celebration. Read more>>

Eric Gonzalez | Entrepreneur / Roofing Contractor

The thought behind starting my own business was to be able to live my life by design and have total control of my life. I knew that starting my own business would give me the ability to live a life different than the average person, where I would have the ability to create power for myself. The idea was to use this power to create social and economic change and be able to bless others within my circle of influence. Read more>>

Le’Brittany Smith | Gorgeoud Chics CEO & Founder

At fifteen years old, I created my brand Gorgeous Chics’ to encourage women of all ages to see themselves as royalty. I wanted my brand to be a blog where others could read my story and find strength in knowing all ladies aren’t like the “typical image” portrayed in fashion magazines. Instead, we all have moments where we face insecurities, lack confidence, or need love from another supportive woman. Read more>>

Shannon Bond-Cover | Owner, The LITuary DFW & Literacy Advocate

I wanted a more diverse representation of people of color in books accessible to my community. Also to share my love of reading, and create awareness for authors of color! Read more>>

Elizabeth Míreles | Makeup Artist

I was very young when my interest in makeup began. However after high school I began thinking this passion of mine could very well become a business & it was what I wanted to pursue. I wasn’t sure if anyone would take me seriously, or if my business would be a successful one, but I knew I just had to go for it. Read more>>

Marc Hernandez | Luxury Real Estate Agent with Compass, Beverly Hills

I was running national digital advertising for Fox Television Networks and American Idol. After seven years with them, they downsized our group by around 25%. I enjoyed working in corporate America, but thought that this would be an ideal time to pivot into creating and building my own business. So, I looked at my connections across my past careers….motion picture literary representation, digital advertising, and ad tech and I realized that my sphere of influence was pretty wide and I thought luxury real estate would be a great business to serve people in need of buying or selling real estate. Read more>>

Daisy J | Online Boutique Owner

When I first thought of starting my own business, it kind of came natural to me. A little back story, I started e-commerce awhile back before thinking about my business now. While I was in high school, to make a little extra side money besides my regular part time job, I started to re-sell my used clothing. I used apps such as Poshmark, Mercari, Vinted, Etc. I was already familiar with the whole taking pictures, uploading and shipping process, so when I started my own business it was a no brainer. Read more>>

Shayla Franklin | Virtual Assistant

A good amount of people will tell you the pandemic wasn’t a great time for them. I didn’t have the same experience. I’e always enjoyed helping people and getting excited when they’ve succeeded in something I helped push them towards. I decided to try a new career path but quickly realized I was not helping people as much. I decided to figure out a way I could do that while still working my 9-5. I would walk for miles daily listening to different podcast which helped me decide how that would look for me. What better way to help others than by being their assistant. I’m the person my family go to for tech assistance, planning trips, and creating things. I just get paid for it now. Read more>>