A big part of making decisions is determining what our actions and choices have been inspired by.  So we asked decision makers from the community to tell us about what they are inspired by.

Angela Grant, MBA | Accountant/Bookkeeper

My family is my main source of inspiration. Every decision I make is driven by the desire to make my family proud. I am also inspired by countless women that have persevered through unimaginable circumstances yet still overcame. Read more>>

Brandon Beasley | Owner, Brand ambassador, Content Creator, Influencer, Social Media Manager

My inspiration comes from everywhere, from the television, books, vision boards, down to the things I faced and worked through in my daily life. With that being said I am inspired by a lot of things and people. My friends will disagree with this statement but I am really a real quiet person and tend stay in the background and observe people. My two biggest inspirations are my two children Alexandria and Jayden they keep me young and energetic. All of their fresh and creative ideas from their young minds is exciting. They also keep me up on all the latest social media trends and lingo. Read more>>

Anastacia Sadeh | Abstract Artist

I am deeply curious about the emotional landscape of the human mind. I am fascinated by the relationship of emotions to individual mental wellness and how this pertains to the collective human condition. Read more>>

Jenifer Livesey | Contemporary Collage Artist

Whenever I go out into nature I feel surrounded by beauty, peace and calmness. I am inspired by the shapes of branches and leaves, the colors of stones, dirt and grasses and the movement of the flowing water. There is a simplicity in nature that I like to bring into my art work. I am also inspired by the shapes, colors and textures in modern society. When I create my cairn (stacked rock) pieces, I do not feel obliged to represent nature realistically which gives me the freedom to experiment with form, design and color. I like to blend contemporary aspects of modern life with the simple beauty of nature in my pieces. In North America cairns are often used to guide hikers on trails. When we break cairns down further we see the stones are in a delicate balance with each other unifying to create a higher purpose. Balance. Guidance. Unity. This is what my cairns symbolize. Read more>>