A big part of making decisions is determining what our actions and choices have been inspired by. So we asked decision makers from the community to tell us about what they are inspired by.

Eddie Maestri, AIA | Principal Architect & Creative Director

I draw inspiration from my roots growing up in New Orleans….I love the classical elements of the historic architecture of the Garden District, my study abroad in Italy during college gave me a great appreciation for classical forms and patterns as well. I find great inspiration in the places I visit. Whether it is a short trip to New York, or a week in Kyoto or Stockholm, I try to soak in the details in the architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture for inspiration. I try to take time to capture inspiration spaces in a sketch, and I find that studying a space to put it on paper, I learn a great deal about it. Read more>>

Lorraine Gachelin | Vibrational Sound Practitioner, Reiki Master & Soulful Artist

I’ve had an adventurous life.  Growing up in a French-American family with a fusion of languages, cross cultural perspectives, traveling and living overseas have made me who I am today.  From a very young age, these experiences taught me that there is not one way to do things.  There are no right or wrong answers – just choices that each individual must make based on their own knowledge and life experience.  My parents were my biggest inspiration for the path my life took.  I know that sounds cliché; however, I’d like to summarize the wondrous learning journey I’ve been bestowed by these two creative and holistic individuals. My French mother pioneered into the US at the age of 23.   By the time she arrived, she had already taught in France and Germany and was on her way to Mexico.  Her 6-month stop in Dallas had her crossing paths with my father, who had recently moved back to his native Texas.   They soon married and I appeared nine months later. Read more>>

Alecbe | Artist

I am inspired by visions and enthusiasm. When I can clearly articulate the result of something with my senses I become laser focused on bringing it into reality. When I feel fun running through my body I am inspired to express it. Read more>>

Allison Streett | Sculptor

I am inspired by the way the human face and body are able to communicate meaning and awaken empathy across the barriers of language, culture, religion, and status. I use the human figure to tell human stories, honestly representing both brokenness and hope, with the goal of creating space for conversation and connection with one another. Read more>>

Chris Hotze | Musician, Producer, DJ & Cloud Technology Professional

it may sound cliche, but I really am inspired by seeing people reach their definition of success in the things about which they are passionate. When I see someone take a gamble, or make big moves because it’s what they truly believe is the right move, that inspires me to my core. Despite everything going on with the ‘rona, there has never been a better time to be a creative and there have never been more ways to reach your people with your art, and that my friends….is freakin’ amazing to see. Read more>>

Layce Smith | Baker & English Teacher

There is a legacy of female artisans in my family that I draw a lot of inspiration from. My great-grandmother on my mother’s side had 18 children, and I’ve always been fascinated with the stories about how she baked everything from scratch, churned her own butter, and sewed nonstop to keep everyone fed and clothed. She and my great-grandfather were country folk, so these skills were a necessity rather than a hobby for her, but I admire so much what she was able to accomplish on a daily basis. What were her daily chores are now a form of artistic expression for me, so I think about her a lot when I’m developing recipes for my business. She didn’t have the luxury of wasting any ingredients, so I try to avoid any wastefulness in my recipes. This is part of the reason why my cookies are more of a shortbread texture. Read more>>

Paul Lovato | Restaurant Owner

I am inspired by food. It sounds like a simple, generic answer….FOOD. For me, it means so much more. Food is my passion. Food ignites so many senses. Just the sight of food (for me) sparks a Pavlovian response as my mind shifts into thoughts of, obviously how will it taste, to asking questions of how it was prepared? How can I make that dish and add something different or prepare it in a different way? Then the smell…..oh the wonderful smells!. I start to work through my knowledge of spices. Trying to figure out what seasonings were used. Then the taste! Diving a little further into the the flavors and textures that tie it all together. That’s just the eating part! My true passion, my joy is in the actual preparation and cooking. Being able to watch others as I arouse their senses of sight, smell and taste. Beyond that, it’s the sense of fellowship that food “brings to the able”. Whether it’s hamburgers and dogs on the grill or the recent 12 day journey I toke in making my own pastrami for the first time. Food is friends, family……it’s life. Read more>>