There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others. We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Dr. Sue Ojageer, PharmD | Founder and CEO Pharmacy Mentors and PharmaSue

The success of Pharmacy Mentors and PharmaSue stems from a deep commitment to positive patient care and a genuine love for the pharmacy profession. This fuels innovation and excellence, as our dedication to improving patient outcomes drives ongoing education and advocacy efforts. These qualities define our brands and inspire us to excel in our practice. Read more>>

Mahogany DJ Mos Precious” Henderson | Vibe Curator & Motivational Leader”

The most important factor behind the success of my ventures, whether it’s my entrepreneurial endeavors of Most Precious Promotions & Productions, Mos Precious Property Management, WAVU-DB 55 The Vibe, The Blog Network, Mos Precious Enterprises, or the Most Precious Dreams Foundation, boils down to one simple yet profound principle: unwavering passion coupled with relentless perseverance. Read more>>

Rylee Green | Supermodel

The most important factor behind all my success is GOD. Keeping my faith strong and in the will of GOD, I continue to be extremely successful. In life you will go through a storm but after the storm is a beautiful Rainbow shining bright like a Diamond. Read more>>

Misa Bacon | Bookkeeper

The heart of my brand’s success lies in the vibrant community of like-minded individuals who champion each other’s growth. Their unwavering support fuels my passion and provides a constant source of strength. After leaving the corporate world, I realized that fostering genuine human connection was essential for me to thrive – both personally and professionally. Intentionally building this connection sets my brand apart, creating a space where collaboration and encouragement flourish. This unwavering focus on community has undoubtedly been the driving force behind my achievements, proving that shared success is sweeter than any individual accomplishment. Read more>>

Tiffany Clark | Interior Designer + CEO of Tiffany Clark Interiors

The single, most important decision that I made that contributed to my success was to stop thinking that I’m in control and to fully let God lead the way.

I let my own fears hold me back for years by simply not being obedient. I could name numerous of different fears that crossed my mind, a bunch of “what ifs”. But the only “what if “ that truly mattered was; “What if you trust God blindly and stop thinking you’re in control because girl your way is clearly not working.” Read more>>

Jennifer Edwards | Retirement & Estate Consultant

The success of Savvy is truly because I serve women and families’ financial needs in a way that is true to who I am. I am not competing with other businesses or companies. I know that my talents and capabilities are stay in my lane optimizing those to be better and better each day. I also connect with other business owners and leaders who believe in collaboration over competition. Having the freedom in knowing there is enough out here for everyone allows me to work with the clients I can best help and leverage community for those who may need something different. Read more>>

Cameshia Reviews | Blogger/podcaster

The most important factor behind my success is consistency. It’s a very important word especially when it comes to analytics subscribers, followers you have to be consistent. It is a brand it is like you are a TV station like NBC they consistently put out new shows for you to watch and you are drawn in and they’re not showing anything you’re not watching so for me and my brain and my channel I have to be consistent And I have to show new things Read more>>