We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

Sydney Risher | Owner and Founder of Bring The Moon Creations

One of the habits that I feel helped me succeed was a habit of breaking down tasks and scheduling. For my business, I release new merchandise on a certain date. Scheduling this date ahead of time and then working backward to schedule due dates for the pieces of the tasks to be done. Another habit that has helped me to succeed is automating certain tasks. Taking time out of my day to update automated tasks helps me to stay on track with other tasks without having to focus on updating other tasks constantly. Read more>>

Bella Alvarado | Realtor

Consistency in everything has helped me succeed. Read more>>

Phill Jackson | Vocalist & Songwriter of Primo Danger

Resilience is super important. In any form of creative venture, you gotta be willing to accept that there will be people that think your material is shit or will be indifferent to it. I used to be incredibly timid when it came to releasing my material for that reason. Once I got used to putting things out, it made it easier for me to keep writing, get into my flow and embrace my creative nature. Read more>>

Gretchen Darby | Founder & President, GDC; Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader ’00-’02

Owning and running your own business takes a unique set of skills. You have to be able to work well independently, be self-motivated, and be very detail-oriented. In my case, GDC represents my name and overall reputation, so I have to make sure that I’m always executing quality work, meeting all deadlines, and keeping my clients and their priorities at the forefront. It takes organization, creativity, innovation, and solid relationships to make a business successful. Knowledge of your area of expertise is important, but leveraging the relationships you’ve built over the course of your career is equally as important. I always put work first, and sometimes that means working late hours, weekends, etc. Read more>>

Melissa Green | Bread Artist & Cat Mom

When I decided to start making bread about 5-6 years ago, I had no real idea what I was doing, but I have always loved cooking (more so than baking, I like having the freedom to add and take away ingredients and you can’t really do that with baking), and I tend to be a risk taker with the things I make. I love trying new recipes, so I looked up a few bread recipes and thought “how hard could this be?”, and went for it. There is some structure to it, but it allows for a lot of creativity as well. As far as food goes, I tend to jump right in with no fear, and that’s how I approached bread making. Of course I had some failures at the beginning, but now it’s my main therapeutic and creative outlet. I am always thinking up new flavor combinations or types of breads (sourdough, focaccia, buns, etc) that I want to try. Read more>>

Neisha Jones | Snatched Specialist & Travel Broker

The Most Important Habits that has helped me Succeed is most definitely CONSISTENCY, NETWORKING, ACTION/RISK TAKING and DISIPLINE. Let’s talk about the word consistency, remember growing up you would always hear your parents or grandparents say practice makes perfect. That’s how l look at being successful you must practice and do it consistently everyday if you want to master it. imagine how many 3s Steph Curry missed before he became successful today. But he never gave up he practiced and was consistent with mastering shooting 3s. So, Before I Launch my business, I told myself you must eat, drink and sleep your business. Read more>>

Tyler Shelton | Artist

The sense of always wanting to one up myself Read more>>

Son Chau | Guitarist & Producer

Having a routine and setting boundaries! It definitely allowed me to meet deadlines and expectations while still be able to take care of myself without stretching myself too thin. Read more>>