Shoot your shot? Take a chance? Society bombards us with messages, phrases, examples and stories of how taking risk is the key to success, but is anything ever that simple? We asked some of the brightest folks we know to tell us about how they think about risk. We’ve shared their responses below.

Kerry Bleu Scy | Makeup Artist

The risk I’ve taken is deciding to become a parent. At the time, I was 22 and living with my parents, had a job making 12 dollars and hour and nothing really going for myself. I had to figure our how to raise her essentially by myself as far as finances go, but my parent’s did help a lot by providing money and watching her when I really needed it. But, taking that risk motivated me to get a better job and make a better life, and I feel like starting my business is another wonderful thing that was born from that motivation. Read more>>

Lisa Hamilton | Artist/ creative/ photographer/ model/ bartender/ entrepreneur

Life entirely is about taking risk, if you aren’t taking risk you are not living is my little motto. Entrepreneurship forces you to take risk every single day, some more unexpected than others. The unexpected ones just seem to teach you more of a lesson and show you what ‘trial and error’ is all about. Read more>>

Samantha Williams-Chapelsky | Artist

Risk has been a career affirmation. I have believed in taking risks ever since I graduated high school and turned down an engineering scholarship to pursue fine arts as a career. I challenged myself after finishing my degree to figure out how to make ART my business and slowly but surely I took calculated risks leaving full time jobs, part time jobs and then the traditional job market altogether to follow my passion – painting. Still today – I choose to take a risk for my career once or twice a year – sometimes this is a residency outside of my comfort zone, signing with a new gallery, challenging traditional materials in a new way… Read more>>

Thomas and Garrett | Founders of Rough Draft Games

Everyone loves Risk. At least they do until somebody’s decided to camp out in South America and prolong the game for about 30 more turns than it needs to be. The classic area control war game might not be the most innovative board game on either of our game shelves, but it did teach us a thing or two about rolling the dice and taking a chance on what could be a tremendous victory or crushing defeat. We started Rough Draft Games in the same mental space. Read more>>

Lashyra Childress | Entrepreneur & Hair Stylist

Taking risk are very important and play a big part in having your own business because that is what separates a dream from reality. The biggest risk I have taken thus far was quitting my 9-5 job at walmart and pursuing my business full time. This played a huge role in my life because I was so afraid of failing and I felt like I was losing that extra financial security my job gave me. When I finally took that risk I felt such a huge relief and I was so thankful that I had finally made it to this point. Read more>>

Madeline Herrera | Multidisciplinary Artist

Something that has value is always worth risk in my book. It’s become something I view to conquer rather than run in fear from. I’ve made it through all those difficult moments and am still here proving that ability to not just survive but flourish. I’ve learned to not just sit in the uncomfortable but reach for it in order to grow. This took me a long time to realize how crucial those moments are. In retrospect all of those ricks have led me to the most impactful or fruitful breakthroughs, even when it doesn’t pan out as intended, I learned. Read more>>