We asked some of the most interesting folks in the community to open up about how they think about taking chances and the role risk has played in their lives and careers. Risk is by far the topic folks talk to us most about and we hope the responses below will help shed light on many different perspectives.

Angie Hofer | Director of Brand Strategy

My whole life has been about taking risks. However, I don’t think that has been truer than in the past few years. Being in the education field most of my life, I was pretty much set with my retirement for whenever the time came. As long as I continued doing the same thing I’ve been doing, my retirement path was good to go. The question I asked myself was, “Is this going to be enough money?” Read more>>

Aileen Pesante | Tax Professional for Entrepreneurs

I think about risk as a blessing and a privilege. I take it as an opportunity to bet on myself and better my current circumstances. I began building my business while I was working in the corporate world. I spent over 10 years working in Higher Education. Read more>>

Samantha Faries | Hair Stylist & Business Owner

There’s a lot to think about when a risk is put on the table. You start to question everything, will this be a failure, will it be worth it, when will I see the results I am hoping for, and that’s just the start of it. All of these questions were heavy on my mind when deciding which career path to take, and continued to come about at each milestone. Read more>>

Shaivalini Sinha | Owner of Sinhascreations and an artist.

A beautiful quote “You must take your chance”- William Shakespeare
So I am taking mine. I am looking at the positive side , you call it risk I call it CHANCE!! Everybody gets a chance in life to do things, they desire or they love. It can come early or late, but it definitely comes . It is all about recognizing it and being ready to take it. Read more>>

Marco Sanchez | Artist & Creative mind

What I would say sets me apart from others is my authenticity to self . And the message that I try to get across by speaking about things most people would think about but won’t talk about . Read more>>

Sara Bost Fisher | Artist

My thought process has always been to go for it. As long as I am not putting myself or others in financial or any other kind of jeopardy and my gut is telling me to do it, I do it. I have always been willing to try. You don’t know if something will work unless you try. And if it doesn’t work, and I’m still passionate about it, Read more>>

Alex Magee | Consultant. Curator. Creative Director. Model/Stylist. A&R. Music Festival Talent Agent. but most importantly a TWIN!

The way I see it life is gambling, so your best bet is to minimize the odds to your favor, to maximize your life potential! That’s a bar, or as we say “Fendi Fact” ! The first risk that I took, was blindly, jumping into Hollywood without a clue! Green as the summers grass, blue as a clear sky day! But what the sharks didn’t know is I was a sponge and baby shark mixed all in one! Read more>>

Esfandiari | Influencer, Student, Model, and Jewelry Designer

I’ve always looked at risks as opportunities. Chances are, your new idea is innovative and original. Once I started making some sales locally, I invested all of my earnings back into getting content for social media, new inventory, and website design. One of the biggest risks I took in my business was relying solely on social media for my marketing. Read more>>