We asked some of the most interesting folks in the community to open up about how they think about taking chances and the role risk has played in their lives and careers. Risk is by far the topic folks talk to us most about and we hope the responses below will help shed light on many different perspectives.

Olaf Growald | Photographer

I started out as a studio assistant to a well known studio photographer. He taught me a lot, back in the good old film days. He never allowed me to touch a camera until I had done 1 year in a darkroom. After I had done my time and had a few more years under my belt, I told my boss that I wanted to be a photojournalist. Read more>>

Kassidy Owen | Entrepreneur & Social Media Manager

Risk-taking is everything. In life, when I’ve felt the most scared, it is when I’ve leaned in the most. I used not be that way, but the more I followed the things that made me scared, the risks, the more I realized that is what life is about. Life is not meant to be played safe; it’s meant to be played full out. Business is 100% risk. Being an entrepreneur is 100% risk. Nothing is guaranteed, in life, but especially in business. I’ve found the only way to guarantee the risk will be successful is to ensure I align with my values. Otherwise, I’ll look back, thinking, ” I wish I would have listened to myself in the first place.” Read more>>

Amanda Brooks | CEO, LMHC (Licensed Mental Health Counselor)

I think about risk as an opportunity for success. Risk has played a huge factor in our business as well as our personal lives in a positive way. An example of how risk has benefited our business is the decision we made to leave the traditional sector and build our own business. I owned a private practice back in 2014 and it closed down due to financial challenges in 2016. I was left with large financial burdens to personally pay as a result. Instead of looking at this as a failure, I looked at the risk I took as an opportunity and an education in what to do and what not to do. Read more>>

Lee Leprechaun | Producer

Risk taking is an essential part of being an artist. We take risk everyday with every part of what we do. Personally I take risk by entering dj and producer contest. Any opportunity I find, I take it. I might not always do well but doing something is better then doing nothing at all. Read more>>

Mishaal Tanveer | CEO of Beauty by Mishaal

Taking risks requires a great deal of vulnerability and discomfort. It’s much easier to pretend these types of feelings don’t exist, because we often associate them with situations that have a negative context. I learned that to be successful, not only do you have to confront these feelings, but you have to embrace them as well. Allowing myself to take risks and become comfortable to make mistakes has contributed greatly towards the success of my small business, Beauty by Mishaal. However, I didn’t start off this way. I had to learn that the more vulnerable or uncomfortable I allow myself to be, the more it was going to lead me down the path to becoming successful. Read more>>

Annette Matthews | Personal Brand Photographer

Risk taking is something that is a must in entrepreneurship. We take risks all the time by investing in our businesses with the aim of making it go further and become a success, by choosing the niche we have and sometimes by taking on more that we should at once. Having a successful business is not easy and risks become rewarding in the end. We have to overcome our fear. I need to stop being afraid of failing and do more things that will live on. Read more>>

Courtney Peace | Owner of MajiPure Alkaline Water

Risk are necessary in anything you do in life. Though it’s very important to arm yourself with as much information as possible to minimize your risk. Read more>>

Keshona Nicole | DFW Top Hairstylist

I Look At Risks As A Huge Leap Of Faith! You Have To Believe To Achieve! I Totally Believe and Trust In God/Myself. I Took A Huge Risk Going To Cosmetology School, Fresh Out Of High School, But I Knew This Was The Path I Should Follow Being That I Started Doing Hair At The Age Of 14. I Had So Many Obstacles From Working Two Jobs, Pregnant, To Not Having The Best Car, To Even Having A Really Bad Car Accident But I STILL Went To School Everyday No Matter What..With The Support Of Family/Friends! Years Later, Working Fulltime At A Call Center and Still Pursuing Being A Hairstylist.. Read more>>

To’Ni Wheeler | Nonprofit Founder & Serial Entrepreneur

If I am being honest, risk are terrifying. The thought of not knowing what to expect can drive a person insane. However, as time goes by I’ve learned risk helps build confidence in decision making. Throughout this pandemic, as an organization we had to take numerous risk and as well as switching from in-person to virtual. These new challenges were difficult at first but as we continued to have patience and commitment, we were able to grow and expand in our membership and community service opportunities. Although scary, risk taking is necessary for development and growth. Read more>>