We asked some of the most interesting folks in the community to open up about how they think about taking chances and the role risk has played in their lives and careers. Risk is by far the topic folks talk to us most about and we hope the responses below will help shed light on many different perspectives.

Meredith Holser | Student & freelance photographer

I view risk as a tool I can use to make myself better, whether it be in my personal life or my photography career. Taking a risk to me means that I get to try something new, learn from the experience and familiarize myself with how I work in certain situations. Oftentimes fear has kept me from taking opportunities that could advance my photography career, but I have to remind myself that discomfort can only make me stronger mentally and skill-wise. Risk taking has allowed me to feel more confident in my photo work because when I am able to overcome my fears about a new assignment and just do it anyway, I come away from each experience with new knowledge about how to navigate future plans. It’s just like they say, if you never try, you’ll never know. Read more>>

Fiction Theory | DFW-based Alternative Indie Rock Band

How could you not do exactly that: take risks? Our greatest fear is that our dream of putting our music into the world won’t happen. And the only way to guarantee that dream doesn’t happen is to not take risks. To not try. So if the worst happens by not risking anything, and risking even a little bit achieves our dream, then how is risk a bad thing? Risk is the pathway to success. Read more>>

Profit & Monk | Musical Duo

Profit & Monk began one year ago last January. After meeting online and sharing an interest in collaboration, I drove 15 hours across the country to meet Dani for the first time. She was originally going to record some backup vocals for my solo project. After a few sessions of recording, something sparked between us that led us to write song after song for weeks straight. After 3 months, we had over 30 songs recorded. I had only planned on staying there for a week, and now a year has passed and I have yet to return home. We sold her property to move to California for 6 months to work on our business, and now have settled in Prescott AZ. We will be back in the Dallas area this year to play shows and see family. Read more>>

Janifer Unique | Makeup Artist & Entrepreneur

Risk taking to me is one of the many things that set us apart from each other. In this world of infinite possibilities and outcomes, fear is what keeps us straddling on the safe side. I’ve grown fond of risk, because despite the outcome..I was able to say I put my best foot forward with good intent. I take a risk everyday I choose to purse my dream of becoming the Entrepreneur that will end generational poverty for my family and provide a sense of inspiration to the African American community. I don’t believe you can live out your passions and desires without taking a risk. Besides, on the other side of a risk is often your wildest wish fulfillment waiting to come to fruition. Read more>>

Brandi Burns | Celeb promoter, model, mother, Artist

If your not taking a Risk, then your not doing it right? Every big decision is a risk but at the same time an opportunity as well. Even going alone driving for hours trusting a new gig or Event or photoshoot I had to build up the courage and take that risk. It builds character & I became more & more confident over time. I can’t count the risks but they all were worth taking💯 Even the bad ones I learned something and how to make better for my future choices. Read more>>

Jarvis Dunn Jr | Catering/Fresh Pressed Juice Company Owner

“Chances make champions” and “Take a chance to advance” are two slogans I live by. I feel if you don’t believe in your dreams and persistently go after them through challenges, you aren’t ready for the next level of success. Growing up as a kid I was never afraid to put it “all on the line” for a big return. I learned through trials and tribulations some risks aren’t worth the reward but the knowledge gained from the experience created a bigger reward than I could ever ask for. There is no shortcut to success but the heart of a lion and an impeccable work ethic can provide you with the wisdom, understanding, and knowledge of what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. Read more>>

Meg Messimer | Entertainer: LED Performer, Stilt walker, Gogo dancer

I have learned over the years that being scared means your going in the right direction. I began seeing those stressful moments as larger opportunities. As an entertainer, I am constantly trying to apply for new events and sometimes the application process can be intimidating. Coming up with a new set or skill can be difficult & dangerous but if I don’t risk it all I may not get the position I’m reaching for. This is such a competitive market sometimes, so I fee like if I’m not slightly nervous then I’m not pushing hard enough. Read more>>

Brooklen Farley Morgan Goree | Massage Therapist & Chiropractic Student

We think that risk is an essential part of success, especially in the wellness industry at this time. Although not every risk we take is calculated, we try to have an intention when choosing which risks are worth taking. Considering each aspect of the risk has been vital in making those choices worthwhile. We both pursued careers in bodywork, which the pandemic has significantly impacted. But by having faith in our purpose to help people, we took the risk, and now Brooklen is a massage therapist, and Morgan is halfway through his doctoral program in Chiropractic. Read more>>

Dawn Conder | Owner of The Face Naturalist & Clean Beauty Specialist

I HATE taking risks! Starting a new job, moving to a new town…heck deciding to get a new haircut makes me sick to my stomach! But what scares me even more than not taking the risk, is missed opportunities. One of my biggest risks in life was 18 years ago, when I decided to leave a very lucrative pharma job to become a stay at home mom! Colleagues thought my husband and I were risking our financial stability. Read more>>

Wendy Young | Social Media Influencer and Nbc Consultant for Dr Death

I believe if you never take a risk you will always wonder what if. Throughout my life I have always taken the risk. I’ve learned alot from doing so. Some great things and some not so great but completely full filled knowing I at least tried,you will never know what you will loose or gain if you never make the move. My life has been completely changed by a risk I took when I started dating a Physician,that later became known as Dr Death. Read more>>