We were fortunate to catch up with some brilliant artists, creatives and entrepreneurs from throughout the Houston area and they share the wisdom with us below.

Heather Kish | Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach for Women’s Fertility and Reproductive Health

If I’m being honest, I think about giving up often. I think many entrepreneurs do. Starting you own business is scary. However, I feel like I kept coming back to the thought of. “Why not?” I led with my heart. I feel like my story is an important one that can resonate with many others. My niche focuses primarily on women with fertility or reproductive issues. And I think that many people feel they are all inclusive, and nothing could be further from the truth. Those are just symptoms of something deeper. It took me a long time to figure that out, and I feel like if I can educate others on the importance of getting to the root cause of whatever health issues they might be having, they can overcome them. Read more>>

Abery Saulsberry | Cinematographer

I feel like I’ve been at a point where I’ve had to make this decision at various points in my life. Whenever that happens, I always look at two different factors:

1.) Will I regret this decision?
2.) What is my gut telling me? Read more>>

Ashlie Wagganer | Entrepreneur, Co-owner & Managing Partner Club Pilates Franchise, Student Empowerment Coach, Health & Wellness Expert Guide & Coach

There are a lot of pressures being an entrepreneur – ranging from financial, social, societal and differing measurements and levels of success. All of these areas bring a different set of problem/solutions and challenges. As a person who had always dreamed of running a successful business, I had also seen many successful people winning in the most disruptive ways. Read more>>

Regina Whitaker | Podcast Host & Published Author

I am inspired by God to help others. During my childhood years, I experienced some childhood traumas and through my experience, I have helped others on how to cope or direct them to seek help (counseling, therapy, etc..). Also, by being transparent and authentic, those who are suffering can see and hear that there is a way out and that healing is possible. Read more>>

Terika Williams | Fitness Trainer & Corporate Finance

I am inspired by my willingness to exceed limitations and surpass any low expectations that have been set. Read more>>

Runaway Sky | Simone Nicole and Taylor LaCourse

For us, success is about the intimate connections we build with our listeners. The magic happens when someone out there can find a piece of themselves in our music, whether it’s dancing through the highs or navigating the lows. Knowing that our songs could act as soundtrack to someone’s life, evoking emotions and creating a sense of community, is the most rewarding part of our journey. We’ve discovered the beauty in bonding over shared experiences (and trauma lol). The fact that our music can be a space where someone finds expression, solace, or celebration, makes what we do personal and fulfilling. It’s about more than just the melodies; it’s about the shared journey and the unique community we hope to build together through our songs. Read more>>

Ben David | Ben David & Kiran Vijayan | 18 Percent Productions LLC | Real Estate, Construction, Design Media Company

The most important factor behind our success is our partnership. Both Kiran and I have known each other for over 15+ years which attributes to knowing each others strengths and weaknesses. We compliment each other by working together and setting realistic goals. Read more>>

Heather Henriksen | Photographer & Model/Actor

I love this question! What makes me happy most is being around the people I love. I love my family most of all especially my three sons. I do have a long list though of things that make me happy 🙂 They include spending time out in the sunshine, walking the beach with friends, reading a great book that gets you lost in the moment, having work that is fulfilling and brings me joy and continuing to grow in all sorts of ways including taking on new challenges, pivoting and learning all the time! Read more>>

Jill Chapman | Event Artist & Luxury Calligrapher

I think in the modern calligrapher’s case, most people aren’t aware that we are event planners and entertainers, essentially. When people hear the word calligrapher, they think of a person sitting at a desk writing. That couldn’t be further from the reality at a live event; I provide a variety of personalization services. You can find me engraving perfume bottles at Neiman Marcus or engraving wine bottles at Eataly. I also provide personalization services for corporate events, private parties, and trade shows. Read more>>

Sopha Rush | Author & Content Creator

The most important lesson that my business has taught me was patience. I’ve been in seasons where I’ve struggled with rushing to the next big thing and trying to force things to work because it worked for someone else. I was trying to operate on my own timeline rather than waiting for God to give me vision. so I could execute. I had to learn how to trust God like never before and take breaks when I needed it. There is no point burning myself out and feeling overwhelmed when I knew for a fact God gave me the resources to rest, delegate, and slow down even in a world that glorifies hustle and moving at a fast pace. If you have been where I’ve been, trust me when I say this, please slow down. Take time to be present in this season and enjoy the fruits of your labor. You don’t want to look up one day and see how much you missed because you were too busy working and grinding your way through life. Read more>>

PrePAIR Mentors | A Non-Profit Organization Building Better Students

PrePAIR Mentors found its start in 2022 as a student-led nonprofit organization aimed to impact the lives of highschool students through mentor experiences, group lectures, international philanthropy, and one-on-one mentoring. Read more>>

Khalid Dunton | Dancer/Performer

After graduating college in 2020, my introduction to the adult life was quit different, unsettling, and in some forms rewarding as a dancer/performer. I had a multitude of time to really focus on my craft and my body for a few months. The amount of resources and opportunities that presented itself during the pandemic really forced me to hone in on my craft/career and the things that I desired for my life. So I took the first risky step, and decided to move to New York a few months after graduating. Adulting started to kick in and here is where I started to struggle with work life balance. I found myself working graveyard 12 hours shift for amazon but still had to make time for the career that I wanted for myself. I found myself working on projects and dancing with companies full time while also still working full time with amazon. At this point I was working 19 hours a day not including my commute time and was sleeping less than 3 hours a day. Eventually my body caught up to me and I had to make some changes to how I was balancing my life, my career, and my body. My health and dance career became more important to me then money. I had to make some changes to my life for the longevity of my dance career. So I quite amazon, went on tour with a dance company and realized this is the balance that I need/craved in my life. A balance that would redefine my happiness and the things I want within my career. Now I value my sleep, my person time, and my body more. Having a work life balance revealed to me what it means to truly respect yourself and your aspirations. Read more>>

Alana Speed | Postpartum Chef & E-RYT Yoga Instructor

As a postpartum chef, it is crucial for me to be an example of work/life balance; I encourage women after birth to rest as much as possible, so it would go against what I believe in to go, go, go all the time. As I’ve learned more about women’s biology and our infradian rhythm, our 28-day, month-long cycle, I have realized over time that women are not meant to hustle 24/7. Having a balanced life, I believe, is one of the most important things we can do for our health. Read more>>