We were fortunate to catch up with some brilliant artists, creatives and entrepreneurs from throughout the Houston area and they share the wisdom with us below.

The Kaizen Project Team | Dedicated to making the world a better place

Our driving force since beginning our organization has been our name, Kaizen. It is a Japanese term that means “continuous improvement.” Our organization began as an effort to curb food insecurity around the DFW metroplex. We aimed to bring together students and families to raise awareness regarding this important issue and join hands to support those in need. With each passing year, we strive to improve upon what we have done in the past, and over the years, we have worked together to serve more families across a wider range of demographics and implement initiatives like resource lists detailing local organizations providing support for free or at low cost in a variety of sectors. In a similar way, we hope to improve the lives of others a little bit more each and every year. Going forward, we realize that each year there are more and more people that need support. We hope to continue our annual Thanksgiving food drive while taking into consideration the needs of our community to better serve the families within. Read more>>

Liz Jordan | Founder & Director of thMTHRshp

I met lead artist, Sarah Creasman Barnett, at our neighborhood park with our toddler daughters in the summer of 2021. We began chatting and connected over our love of art and struggles as young mothers during a global pandemic. It was one of the most serendipitous meetings of my life. Sarah introduced me to the world of Motherhood art which depicts the power, emotions and stages of being a mother. Although I attended art school and worked in art sales early in my career, I had been in the health-sector nonprofit and education worlds for the past decade, always using art as a way to connect with my clients. Meeting Sarah and learning about this new, powerful movement in the art world reignited my interest in art sales and made me wonder how I might be able to combine my experience in the art, nonprofit, and education sectors into one amazing, community-focused cause. Read more>>

Mia Ridgner |

Encourage Independence and exploration while still providing guidance and support. Express pride in all accomplishments, big or small, Most importantly providing unconditional love, coupled with good examples through words and actions. Read more>>

Allie Wickerham & Stevie Belair | Boutique Crystal Shop

Go with the flow. As bizarre as that sounds, we wholeheartedly believe that deciding to not force anything throughout the whole process is what got us to where we are today. We joke that we have the worst business model that has ever existed; this business has never been about money for us. This business is a way for us to open doors for others to bring holistic healing and spirituality into their lives in a new way. We have remained true to ourselves and our morals, we have maintained our vision in the forefront, and allowed each decision to come naturally. Read more>>

Rod Harris | CEO & Lead Designer

Honestly. Let go and let GOD. And stop looking to the left or right to what everyone else is doing in business, and do what works for your company. Especially in this social media era, it’s easy to scroll and see everyones highlight reel and it can make you feel inadequate. Like you’re not doing enough or that you need to do something else because it worked for someone you follow. But the truth is, your time will come. And thats why I say let go and let GOD. This journey of entrepreneurship is an amazing journey if you just Use Your Gifts that GOD gave you. Yes it can be frustrating when things don’t go as you planned it, but GOD has a plan for you. And when you move in faith doors that looked closed will open but also doors that seemed open will close. Take it all in the same. Never waver. Read more>>

Terri Cotton | Entrepreneur, Traveler & Inspiration

I strive for my living legacy to be embodied as a Servant Leader. Being an avenue of support is very important to me; and supporting in abundance with humbleness is even more my heart’s desire. In instances when I am unable to provide what is required, I try to create connections so that someone’s need is always met. I want to be remembered as GENUINELY being there for people. Through marketplace business, friendships, church, family, neighborhood, charity or global relationships, my hope is that TLC is not only recognized as my initials. Read more>>

Latice Williams | Bakery owner.

The most difficult decision I had to make wow. In October of 2020 I was presented with a once in a lifetime opportunity. I was chosen to be on Great Chocolate Showdown and would gone at least 7 1/2 weeks to film. I was working told my general manager and she basically told me she couldn’t hold my position for that long, so I had to make a decision to go after my dream or stay for my steady stable paycheck. As a single mom I was going to stay however after some prayer I felt God was telling me to go. Read more>>