We were fortunate to catch up with some brilliant artists, creatives and entrepreneurs from throughout the Houston area and they share the wisdom with us below.

That They May Studio Mari and Joshua King | Artists, Activist, Producer

Nothing is a mistake. There’s no win and no fail. There’s only make – Sister Corita Kent Read more>>

Hevy | Reality Artist

you don’t know. but when you want it enough it doesn’t matter. you stop when your thirst has been quenched Read more>>

Alicia Collins | Therapist & Owner of The Well Therapy Group

Other than the pivotal decision to embark on my journey as an independent professional, the most crucial choice that propelled my success was embracing a holistic and community-focused approach to therapy. This involved creating a sanctuary at The Well Therapy Group, a place where clients don’t just come for therapy, but experience a nurturing environment that fosters deep healing and connection. I realized early on that the ambiance and ethos of our practice would be key in defining our success. Read more>>

Akaira Cryer-Simmons | Fitness/Self-Care Expert

I am inspired by the women of different ages, backgrounds, and character that I assist on their journey to a healthier lifestyle. Before I continue, I want to express how amazing women are. The battles that we fight silently, the smile that we wear proudly, and the mindset to still nurture through it all is mind-blowing. Although we may face different issues, the strength of a woman is unmatched. Read more>>

Lu Alarcon | Hair & Makeup Artist, Lover of Life !

I want my legacy to remember as a happy fulfilled woman ! : ) I want my loved ones to remember that at my worst I keep looking for the bright sparkle within ! Read more>>

Stephanie weeks | Survivor determined to Find The Beauty in Cancer

I am a survivor, a testament to sheer determination! My journey is one of triumph, a remarkable ascent from poverty to achieving millionaire status before I reached 40. I’ve conquered breast cancer, navigated the complex world of real estate and mortgage loans from a remarkably young age—I purchased my first house at 18! I’ve weathered challenging experiences, using them as powerful motivation to soar to the pinnacle of success as a top 1% Loan Officer in the country, earning accolades filled with praise and glowing testimonials. Read more>>

Justin Benedict | Artist Manager, Talent Buyer, Graphic Designer, Director of Operations

What makes me happy is feeling fulfilled. What makes me fulfilled is having an impact on my community in a positive way. For my this may include helping individual develop personally and/or professionally, supporting/empowering individuals/brands that contribute to the community in a positive way, or pushing good culture. Read more>>

Olivia Adriance | Healthy Recipe Content Creator

In the content creation space, one of the most important principles that has guided me is to “Lead with Value”. The content creation space has become very saturated and the role of the modern Content Creator/Influencer has changed from providing aspirational and entertaining content to delivering value. With every piece of content I share, I think to myself “what value is this adding to my followers?”. They are the hero of this story and I want them to walk away feeling like they learned something of value while being supported and encouraged. I think a lot of creators have it backwards in thinking that their platform is about them when really the purpose of their platform should be in serving their following and one way I do that is by leading with value. Read more>>

Abby Germer | President, Refuge For Women

Most trafficking happens by people they know, not by a random kidnapping. And by that I mean, trafficking happens by family members (yes you read that correctly), friends and boyfriends. Traffickers are very intentional at establishing relationship and gaining trust prior to actually selling the person. Read more>>

Stephanie Francis | Yoga studio owner, Yoga teacher, Thai massage practioner, Reiki master, energy healing, space holder

Within the industry of healing arts, whether that be yoga, Thai massage, energy healing what we hear a lot is.. its “woowoo” stuff. Its really not! its actually all better medicine than most things out there if we are being honest. Yoga is not just stretching. its is not just a “work out’ its medicine. Thai massage is not woowoo or like any other massage out there, especially the work that I offer. Energy work is not witchcraft. We are all energy. Everything is energy and this work is just as important. Knowing how to use all these practices as medicine is the real flex. Read more>>

Maddie Beans | Branding and Web Design Expert

To be brave. I always wanted to start my own business but always talked myself out of it. I wish I had started this years ago. There is never a perfect time to do anything. Don’t get me wrong, you need to stop and use as much wisdom as you can before jumping into something, but you should also have the wisdom to look at your reasons behind stalling and recognize the fear in them. Read more>>

Michelle Dupree | Photograher

I was born in Dallas Tx. My family is from Mabank Tx which is where I grew up most of my childhood. During that time, I spent a lot of time at my aunt and uncles Photography studio, (Studio 35) in Seven Points, TX. which was the only studio in town. At a young age, I watched them run their business and always carried a Polaroid camera with everywhere I went. I enjoyed watching them work and was intrigued by photography ever since. After moving back to Dallas at the age of 19 and bought my first professional camera. I fell even more in love with photography. Read more>>

April Wren | CEO/ Owner of Elegant Princess Diamonds

I am from Dallas Texas. My background is in cheer and dance . I went to Skyline High school . I got pregnant at 16 going on 17 . I was out of control , always fighting and in trouble. I started Elegant Princess Diamonds because I wanted to be a mentor for our young ladies . It’s more than just dance to me . We are a sisterhood , O have coached so many girls within the last 6 years , and I’m grateful to have been apart of their life in some aspect . I make sure that I keep these girls busy by traveling around the world and seeing new things . Read more>>