We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Jean McGhee | Senior Buyer at Hollywood Feed

At Hollywood Feed we invest in the communities we serve by helping our over 400 rescue partners. We hold over 1500 adoption events and microchip clinics in our stores each year. Hollywood Feed donates more than 100,000 pounds of pet food and countless other supplies to homeless pets, rescues and shelters every year. We also support local rescues via in-store and virtual events and area festivals/fundraisers throughout all of our markets including Dallas. We have made our internal education classes available for free to the public to help further educate our customer base and have remained dedicated to making our products here in America even when it would be cheaper to make them overseas. We are extremely proud of our connection with and involvement in the local community. We have sponsored several dog parks, and we also support local animal rescues via adoption and community events in every market we serve. Read more>>

Heidi Easley | Texas Art and Soul

I teach artists how to make money. The starving artist mentality is real and what I have learned from going bankrupt and losing everything before the age of 30 is… you have many many chances to fail and try again. Starting a business while being a full time art teacher taught me that when courageous great things can happen. Now I teach other artists how to make money online using their God given talents. Read more>>

Shyne Ink | Tattoo Artist

Being a tattoo artist, you get to do some amazing things that impacts a persons entire life. I’ve done coverups to remove a former lovers name and watched my client rejoice in this new found sense of “freedom” I’ve given them. Aside from being a tattooist, i am a queer identifying person of color and I’m aware of the struggles a lot of people within the LGBTQ+ community; body dysmophia, self-harm scars, unfortunate surgeries, etc. I wanted to do my part to help how I can by offering my expertise at a discounted rate. I know how expensive large scale pieces and coverups (especially scar coverups) can be and I would much rather offer a lower priced piece that I know will be executed beautifully, as opposed to someone being butchered by an artist that isn’t well-versed with people in the LGBTQ+ community or coverups in general. My gift isn’t just targeted to my community, it’s for anybody that’s suffered and are reminded daily. I have done mastectomy areola pigment correction and gave a woman her confidence after 10 years of feeling unsightly. Read more>>

Reasa Selph | Owner

We truly try to give back to the community each day. We encourage our team members to pick up their kids from school and make those baseball games. We find that employees that have a life/work balance are much happier. We donate our time to help several charities. We love giving back all while helping small businesses grow. We try to complete the circle and do that by starting at home. Read more>>

Marty Hill | Executive Director/Pastor- Soul Flight Ministry

Soul Flight Ministry is a transitional discipleship program for women coming out of inpatient detox and treatment programs for chemical dependency. These women are often at risk because of a lack of alternatives after their discharge from treatment. Very often, due to a lack of resources, these women must return to where they came from- abusive, dysfunctional living situations. When this happens, relapse usually occurs within six to eight weeks. Soul Flight Ministry acts as a bridge to carry them into a new life- one free of addiction, abuse, and homelessness. I have over thirty years experience working with indigent, at-risk populations within the Dallas area, and felt the calling from the Lord to initiate a ministry to break the cycle of bondage. I, myself, have been in recovery for alcoholism, and just celebrated eight years of sobriety. This enables me to connect with the women in the struggle they face. I am also supported by females, both former graduates and volunteers, who mentor and disciple the women on an even deeper level. Read more>>

Jim Kupczyk | Founder | Mindful Market

Mindful Market serves heart-centered small businesses that make the world a better place. Our mission is to increase brand awareness and the customer base of conscious businesses and watch them thrive. We provide a robust platform to showcase their offerings (products AND services), a community that supports one another and tools for business growth & personal transformation. We are elevating humanity through conscious business (our vision). Read more>>