We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Susan Armijo | Dance Studio Owner & Artistic Director

Right now, more than ever, our customers and our community need us. They need our positivity and we all need the release from the stress and worries that COVID-19 has brought upon us. The pandemic has affected everyone, and by keeping Centre operating and dance alive, I feel in some small way, we are able to bring joy and some normalcy back into a world full of uncertainty and chaos. For at least one hour our dancers can escape and come into a space full of love, joy, happiness and friends. Read more>>

Latoya Cooper | President & Founder of Music Meets The Boardroom, LLC

Music Meets The Boardroom is eager to provide a need the music community has been craving for, which is thriving creative businesses and strong legacy builders – led by creatives themselves. It’s commonplace for recording artists to take voice or instrument lessons throughout their music career. However, not many take the time to hone their business skills and later find themselves behind the eight-ball when it comes to running their desired business, it simply has not been encouraged culturally. Music Meets The Boardroom is committed to changing the narrative in which creatives show up in the world and we believe it starts with a strong business foundation. Read more>>

Misty Green | Massage therapist & Yoga Teacher

This is an essential and beautiful question that I believe needs to be addressed consistently by anyone who has the intention of cultivating a life of purpose and connectivity, especially during these times. With each “check-in” I strive to lead by example, consistently tending my own garden, sincerely and with authenticity, towards the goal of helping to plant the seeds toward optimal mind-body wellness and a thriving collective. Every micro-movement contributes to the macrocosm of our reality. Each step in the direction of supporting positive change in the self and others creates and maintains the soil, deepens the well, for a harmonious tomorrow. It is My Yoga Tao’s purpose to connect humanity more intimately with itself, at every level, by utilizing my own personal ever-evolving knowledge and life experience. Read more>>