We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community.  We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Melvin Harden III | Personal/Online Trainer

LéWork Fitness mission is about helping everyone reach their highest self. When you begin to take the necessary and uncomfortable steps to become your best self you unintentionally help others shine their own light as well. So with preaching and instilling these habits into every client and person that follows LéWork Fitness, this creates a chain reaction from the Dallas community to the entire world! A lot of us fail to realize we make pointless excuses just to stay in our comfort zone, yet most complain about not having any growth in their lives. Many are not aware that there is no growth in a comfort zone and never will be. This also goes for our diets too whether it’s physical, financial, spiritual, etc.. Everyone must acknowledge their faults and analyze what is really holding them back, and then plan to overcome those things. Read more>>

DeVonn Coleman | Certified Spiritual Mindset Coach

I love this question. My Dee’Toxin movement is helping people see themselves in peace over pain. I am helping others love themselves deep beyond the surface. Our limiting beliefs come from our childhood experiences of trauma and negatively learned behaviors that we adopted from our environments as children. So, imagine if you could connect with your inner child to deeply understand what it was you lacked or needed that would have helped you feel comforted and loved?! My business allows others to dive deep within themselves to explore those limitations. It’s a journey you have to be willing to take. I’ve learned through my healing journey (which is divinely evolving) that you must acknowledge the pain to make peace with it. Read more>>

Amber Spellious | Master Nail Technician

True Nails was designed with the concept in mind of the general public. The community needed a state certified, medically trained and specialized nail salon EVERYONE could feel safe and their needs met. One on one personal nail experiences is what True Nails is all about with one concept in mind; you! Why? Because True Nails cares. Read more>>

Chanelle Yarber | Marketing Consultant

My business helps the Black woman-owned business community by making sure they are visible to the world. Most business owners don’t understand how to properly position their businesses on the Internet. With the limited resources most women entrepreneurs start with, it is imperative that they get a decent headstart on generating revenue so that they can reinvest and scale their businesses for long-term success. We also host an online community that met in-person quarterly pre-COVID. This allows like-minded women to come together, network, learn from one another and support each other’s businesses. Without a strong community and marketing support many of these business owners would not thrive. Read more>>