We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community.  We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Natalie Huscheck | Founder

Well Grounded Coffee Community is a 501c3 Nonprofit that uplifts marginalized women in Dallas. We hire formerly incarcerated moms, homeless pregnant women, and Women in recovery. We journey alongside them in work stills, education, community resources, and faith. The result is not only a reduction in recidivism, but true transformation for generations. Read more>>

Deanna Fernandez | RN, Certified Aesthetic Nurse Injector

I am a Christian and it’s important to me that God’s light shines through me wherever I am. Be it at home, work or in the grocery store, I always try to see people the way God sees them and share His love. Our world is ever changing and can be scary and uncertain at times. I want to bring positivity and joy to the world and those around me whenever I have the opportunity. Read more>>

Teresa Gonzalez | Owner/Operator of Pristine Clean

One big thing that I have always waned to do is help people/families in need. In today’s society there are so many reasons why basic household chores can get behind. Things such as depression, single parents working multiple jobs with not enough time to complete household chores, postpartum depression, illness, grieving and more. For this reason my goal as owner of Pristine Clean is to give away a free basic cleaning to person/family in need. The goal is a minimum of 2 free cleanings a year, but as business grows so will the will free cleanings. Read more>>

Jasmyn Richardson | Founder, CEO, and Lead Officiant

The great thing about Joined By Jasmyn is that we will marry everyone. We have taken huge strides in the LGBTQIA+ community, especially with the creation of our non-profit called Queerly Beloved. We have also taken a strong stance ensuring that we make all couples feel loved and valid so that they can have the wedding day that they desire. We are a growing name in the local Hispanic community. We perform weddings in Spanish as well and that has been huge for my business. Read more>>

Shawna Yant | Entrepeneur & Partner

Our core business provides in-home pet sitting and dog walking services to Dallas residents. Working professionally in animal wellness has created opportunities to work directly with animal nonprofits and charities. We network adoptable dogs and cats from local and rural Texas shelters on our site and socials. Additionally, seeing firsthand how much time and money goes into supporting strays and pets in need inspired us to establish our pet charity for underprivileged pets needing housing, food, pet supplies, and primary vet care. Read more>>