We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community. We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Nicol Law | Health Insurance Broker

I’m a health Insurance Broker, how do I impact the community? It’s about educating and spreading awareness. It’s about being available to help people understand their health insurance, that for most people ,is complicated and foreign. High quality health care helps prevent diseases and improves quality of life. Many think they cant afford coverage and I have found that by asking the right questions and based on my knowledge of the carrier plan options, I have been able to help many find something that suits their needs and budget. Read more>>

Dallas Farmers Market | Dallas Farmers Market

The Dallas Farmers Market creates opportunities for local businesses to sell their products, and allows shoppers to have access to unique products, while keeping their hard-earned money in the community. When it comes to our farmers and ranchers, having access to an urban market, with a higher population density, allows them to sell more produce and/or meats at a central location. As the DFM is located in a food desert, these farmers and ranchers also benefit our community by providing fresh produce, meats, eggs, and honey that can otherwise be hard to get. Farmers Markets are an excellent example of a community coming together to benefit everyone! Read more>>

Darrell Thomas | Photographer/Videographer

Flashpoint productions helps tell people’s story. Our vision at Flashpoint is to use story telling in each of our projects whether it be a documentary, wedding, short film, or even a photoshoot to shine a light on our clients. We want to give everyone a chance for their voice to be heard. Read more>>

Lauren Jennings | Goldsmith & Founder of Palm Sunday

The longer I work within the jewelry industry, the more I learn about how the industry is seeking to improve, and about how I as a jeweler can make certain choices to hep move that progression forward. When I first began making jewelry in 2015, I had no idea about Fairmined gold, or traceable mine-to-market stones, or the conditions under which most “hidden” people in the jewelry industry work. There was a lot of press and glamour covering the final product and those that make it, but very little about the ones who are actually mining the gold and precious gemstones. Read more>>

Erin Skillen | Work Culture Strategist, Writer + Speaker

Prior to starting content4good, I was running a mental health startup … through a global pandemic. As people reached out for support with increasing cases of anxiety, depression, substance abuse and more, I started thinking about how changing our workplaces could have a positive impact on people, the environment and more. Read more>>

Christina Fitzsimmons Fitzsimmons | Founder of Karache Kosmetics, YouTuber, Creative Writer, and Business Coach

My business helps inspire others than they can do it too! They can become their own boss, they can achieve financial freedom, they can be the creator of their reality. Karache Kosmetics is a huge cosmetic wholesaler and private label company that assists others with creating their own cosmetics line. We make it super affordable and easy to start by simply just adding the products to your cart and checking out. We strive on taking out the “how to’s and what if’s” in starting a business. When someone creates a business with our products we’re supplying the world with new business owners each day! Read more>>

Sharnesa Lamb | Chef & Baker

I believe my business helps the community because I’m able to show others who look like me that the sky is limit. I can do what I love and serve with no boundaries attached. That’s very important to me being about to serve at any event and show case me and bring value to my community. Read more>>