We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Victoria Gorpin | School Director

Music is a language which can be understood by everyone. It has the power to unify people across the world and through time. Music is an expression. It is a voice. It is a part of us everywhere we go and in all that we do. To learn an instrument or to train one’s voice is to further open these expressive avenues. Edelweiss School of Music was founded to bring this gift to the neighborhood, and for the neighborhood, in turn, to bring it to the world. Each student that comes through these doors, graduates with both an invaluable appreciation for the arts, and the fruition of hard work and discipline. To begin, regardless of age, a student comes as an open book, a sponge, ready to absorb all that is music. But this skill and knowledge will expand far beyond themselves when it is shared with family, friends, community and beyond. Music is a continuous gift that is truly timeless and limitless in its reach! Read more>>

Stephonia Roberts | Metro Authors Group President

As President of Metro Authors Group the social impact which befits the mindset of our organization is authors supporting authors. Providing an environment sharing , learning, and providing in house resources which helps authors further their goals of writing and marketing. Authors knowing they have a space , resource and support of like minded individuals who can relate and understand the ins and outs of the pen and paper. Read more>>

Sana Syed | Founder/CEO

We created our non-profit, Kimiya, to produce documentaries about human rights issues around the world through the lens of trauma healing. We recently launched Fight Club as a program to help heal women who are survivors of trauma in the Dallas area by combining boxing, yoga and therapy in a rigorous 12-week program. Read more>>

Angela Perini | Doctor of Chiropractic & Wellness

My business as a corrective chiropractic and wellness provider has innumerable benefits for the community. My mission is to impact, help, empower people to be more conscious and proactive about their on health. I teach my patients the importance of the nervous system in the overall health ,how maintaining a healthy nervous system can prevent and alíviate many modern health illnesses that are impacting the quality of our lives. The chiropractic care I provide is unique and has great results. Read more>>